Economy, jobs & taxes are the key issues

WatchdogTaxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

This week Taxpayer Association PAC sent out a message to 50 candidates about what voters want. It included three different polls.

– 76% of Oregon GOP voters think taxes are too high and want local control
– 60% of primary Oregon GOP voters said the “economy” was their #1 issue.
– 52% of all Americans say federal income taxes are “too high”

The economy, taxes is the key issue to winning.

For Democrat candidates there is a push to change the subject away from the economy and unto Global Warming and income inequality. This was even demonstrated by Obama this week alone. The number of Oregonians who are dropping out of the workforce is staggering. The solutions being talked about have little connection to the real-life crisis of dropping out of the workforce.  In fact, some of the issues talked about will only increase the joblessness.

For Republican candidates there is the trend to coast along the negativity wave of Obamacare/CoverOregon and the bad economy. This maybe popular but risky over time because voters don’t just wish for a definition of the problem, they want solutions — especially when it comes to health care. The timing is perfect for candidates to begin talking about lower taxes, regulations and job creation.   The  GOP lead over Democrats “handling the economy” is the HIGHEST it has been for 12 years (Washington Post -ABC Poll 1/14).    It remains one of the greatest issues to win voters and it is at a historic high for the GOP — they would be foolish to let it go.

Nonpartisan candidates:  With two dozen hotly contested County Commissioner seats up in the Priamry, they too should look at the polls and work on an issue of jobs, economy and taxes.