Oregon U.S. senate poll results! Who’s ahead & why.

Conger-WehbyPoll: Wehby takes lead with popular vote & favorability
— Economy trumps other issues as #1 reason over social issues, quality of life.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

A Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC poll conducted by a national pollster helps shed light on one of the most contested and anticipated U.S. Senate races in a decade. In addition to gauging where the candidates stack up the statewide poll goes a step further by looking at what issues are most important (topline, crosstabs). Here are the results:

Candidate Monica Wehby has the lead in the race with 42.9%

Rep. Jason Conger comes in second with 22.3%.

The other candidates poll at 4% for Mark Callahan, 2.7% for Tim Crawley and 2.5% for Jo Rae Perkins. Undecideds polled at 25.5%.

Monica’s advantage is her favorability which is rated at 55% favorable, Conger at 36%.

The issues that matter most to voters lean heavily on economic issues (60.1%). The next most important aggregate issues were social issues (26.5%) and quality of life (13.5%).

Jason Williams, Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC, reacted to the poll results:”As the director of an organization that focuses on protecting Oregonians from excessive taxation, spending and regulation, it is no surprise that the economy is the most important issue to voters. The slow economy has hurt Oregon voters significantly and continually. When voters don’t have jobs then suddenly the economy is their priority.  The #1 issue for 2014 voters is the economy, economy, economy. The key to winning Oregon’s U.S. Senate seat is real-life economic solutions and lower taxes. This is why so many are changing the subject.” (Obama?)

The survey was conducted between May 1-4, 2014, and included 607 likely GOP Primary Election voters in Oregon.   Media inquires on the poll can be made to the poll master Fritz Wenzel at Wenzel Strategies

— Please keep watching OregonWatchdog & OregonCatalyst for more upcoming polls
— TAO-PAC plans to mail poll results of the economic issues to candidates to help showcase the importance of running on a platform of lower taxes, more jobs & less regulations as a key to success.