Wehby campaign outpacing GOP primary opponents

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Dr. Monica Wehby For U.S. Senate

Portland, OR: It was another big week for the Dr. Monica Wehby for US Senate Campaign, which continues to fire on all cylinders. Oregon is a vote by mail state, and with two weeks of voting behind us and one week to go, Dr. Wehby continues to outpace her primary opponents.

Over the past week new polls came out putting us 20 percentage points ahead of our nearest primary competitor and 4 points ahead of Jeff Merkley. The US Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Wholesaler Distributors endorsed Dr. Wehby. Our newest TV ad, “Accountability,” is bringing the fight directly to Jeff Merkley and is receiving great reviews. The Eugene Register Guard endorsed Dr. Wehby, which means she has more newspaper endorsements across Oregon than any other candidate. Add to that the fact that Jason Conger was recently forced to loan his campaign $20,000 just to stay afloat, it becomes clear that Dr. Wehby is the only serious competitor to Jeff Merkley this Fall.

In case you missed it, below are a few of the big news items form the past week:

US Chamber of Commerce Endorses Dr. Monica Wehby for U.S. Senate – The Hill

“The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Dr. Monica Wehby in her Senate bid, giving her a potentially large boost in her primary and against Sen. Jeff Merkley this fall.”

Monica Wehby spends $500K in April; Jason Conger Loans $20k To His Campaign – The Oregonian

“Wehby has raised $1.2 million…far out-distanc[ing] her chief Republican rival, state Rep. Jason Conger of Bend. Conger, who… reported raising just $82,000 in April — but $20,000 of that was money he loaned his own campaign.”

Neurosurgeon Best Positioned To Challenge Merkley – The Eugene Register Guard

“Wehby has the political views and health-care expertise that could enable her to pose a formidable challenge to Merkley in the fall. Oregon Republicans should vote for Wehby.”

LATEST POLLING: Wehby Establishes Commanding Lead in #ORSEN Race – Practical Politiking

“A Wenzel Strategies poll … places Monica Wehby 21% ahead of her nearest GOP primary opponent…Wehby at 43% with likely Republican primary voters; Jason Conger at 22%; the rest of the candidates collectively under 10%; and 26% undecided.”

Poll Shows Deep Blue Oregon Flashing Red – The Daily Caller

“Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley is running neck-and-neck with Republican challenger Monica Wehby. Wehby…received the support of 40 percent of respondents, while an additional five percent say they are leaning towards supporting the first-time candidate. Merkley… garners the support of just 39 percent of respondents.”

“The Wholesaler-Distributor Political Action Committee of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors has endorsed and is supporting Dr. Monica Wehby for the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate from Oregon in the May 20th primary. Dr. Wehby is a renowned and accomplished pediatric neurosurgeon with a remarkable record of accomplishment.The Federal government could use more experienced leaders, and Dr. Monica Wehby would be a great addition to the U.S. Senate.” 

-Jade West
Senior Vice President-Government Relations, NAW; Executive Director, Wholesaler-Distributor Political Action Committee

Another solid ad from Dr. Monica Wehby in Oregon – Hot Air

“Wehby hits out-of-touch unaccountable “career politicians” who are driving up the national debt and doing harm US healthcare system.  When she derides Merkley and company for “still refus[ing] to admit Obamacare’s a disaster,” she’s delivering that critique in a blue state where Obamacare has been, well, a complete disaster.”


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  • It’s not too late

    RINO Conger should be challenging Kitzhaber in the May primary. The recumbent governor is weak and Conger would have a strong following to unseat the auld wheezer.

    • Eric Blair

      Of course it is too late. The ballots are due in less than a week, and Conger would have to start a write-in campaign. How would he do that?? And what would that say about him to drop out of the senate primary now, and try and be a write-in candidate to represent the Democrats instead of Kitzhaber? He’d look flaky and insane. I can see how that would work for you, but most likely won’t work for the majority of voters.

      You’ve beat that dead horse enough. It’s only bleached bones, and isn’t going anywhere. Not that I expect anything that resembles sense to appeal to you.

      • Wares Waldo

        Aye senor diknshidt; Respect your opinion, butt when we’re musk’d into vot’n for an-nuder round of das d’ohbrainer incumbent dotty gov like SchnauzernHaber – dither jackass well, a RINO candidate appellation who’ll proffer a better choice attending Kitzfenagler vs Richardson mounts conviviality.

  • HBguy

    If only political operatives, editorial boards and out of state monied interests voted, Wehby would win by 90%.

    We get that.

    Biased polling doesn’t matter.

    The only thing cited in is article that matters is the money. Its this type of election that could make loyal Republicans reconsider the wisdom of The Citizens United.

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