Open letter to the vandal who destroyed our Pro-Life signs

Liberty Pike_thb

by Liberty Pike

Updated 5/22 6:00am

Within the last week or so, Oregon Right to Life posted 10 large signs along major thoroughfares in Oregon, on private properties of pro-life landowners. They (pictured) read: “Abortion: a Lifetime of Regret.”

We started to receive word Friday that an unknown number of them had been vandalized with the words, “It’s OK” pasted over it. Yesterday, a south-traveling supporter stopped and took pictures of three of the vandalized signs.

We obviously have no way of knowing who vandalized the signs. It appears to be well-planned and the vandal also had to cross barbwire fences to get to the signs. The supporter who took the pictures reported that the grass was still bent over in the path the vandal took to the signs.

Vandalized sign along I-5 in Oregon

We are working on getting in touch with the landowners and will be seeing how repairable the signs are over the next few days.

We risked the vandalism of the signs because the truth of the matter is that abortion does create a lifetime of regret. There is a good chance (33% actually) that the vandal who ruined our signs experienced an abortion themselves.  Their choice of words makes me sad. It reminds me of what we helpless humans say to people that are hurting: “It’s okay, don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” We can’t help ourselves. We say it to people with cancer, to our kids when they get sick, to the family down the street losing their homes. And we often say that to ourselves, like a self-hug.

It’s okay. Everything is okay.

But it is not okay. Like a band-aid that does nothing but cover the wound, the words, “It’s okay” don’t magically make it okay. The cancer is still killing them, the sickness still feels like the end of the world, and the family will be homeless. And nothing will ever magically make abortion “okay.” Inevery abortion, a woman is damaged (whether she realizes it at the time or not), and in everyabortion, a child is destroyed.

So, to the vandal that destroyed our signs: no, it’s not okay. But if you are one of the third of women who are post-abortive, there is healing and hope for you. It won’t make it all “okay” but it will go a long ways to help. Call us at 503-463-8563. There is forgiveness available for you…both for the abortion and the vandalized signs.

Please share this letter widely so it reaches whoever vandalized our signs.

Liberty Pike is Oregon Right to Life’s Director of Communications and she is a reporter for and a contributor at