Open Letter To Occupy Wall Street

by Justen Charters

To Occupy Wall Street: You are so consumed with political correctness, you don’t even know what the truth is anymore.

There is a big difference between a peaceful protest and one that is associated with violence, vandalism, registered sex offenders, rapists, drug addicts and housing and feeding wanted felons. The fact that you do not have the spine to kick these individuals out of your poorly kept and unsanitary shantytowns, shows how much resolve you actually have. Your will is weak and your morals are grounded in moral relativism.

You support political ideas that have been tried time and time again, only to result in more death, famine and poverty.

You blame others for your misfortune because you are envious of their lifestyle and you lack the motivation to follow your dreams. Are you afraid of being successful? Do you truly believe that the letters C.E.O. are akin to the number 666?

You claim your movement is here to create a better world, a utopian society. But what you do not realize is that a perfect world is not just impractical but impossible. History tells us whenever mankind has called to build heaven on earth, what mankind unfortunately ends up building is a place for the devil and his minions to roost. And mark my words regardless of you how good you think you are intentions at this moment, if you get your way (I HOPE YOU DON’T) but that is exactly what will happen. And like all tyrants on record you will justify it by saying its for the good of the cause.

Speaking of which. What is your cause? Do you really seek to bring down capitalism? The free market system has made this country the number one economy in the world. The system allows individuals with even the most meager income to still have all their basic needs met and even a few luxuries that people in poorer countries would kill for. No other country has what we have.

And for those of you that want to be more like the Democratic Socialist countries in Europe: Norway has a 25% national sales tax. Sweden’s income tax is among the highest in the world. Denmark has the highest income tax globally and are now proposing a tax on fatty foods. If those kind of policies suit you, you should relocate.

And for those who desire anarchy: Being accountable and responsible is part of of life. And if you don’t want anymore secrets why are you covering your face with a cowboy bandanna?

And for those who think the solution is to redistribute the wealth: Who gave you the right to take hard earned money out of other people’s pockets? And if sharing the pie was the answer, why are you having so much trouble redistributing the wealth in donations that you raised with in your Occupy encampments?

Oh, and why are you protesting corporate greed but using a Iphone, wearing name brand clothes and using items that generate revenue for big business?

Again this just two cents from a diehard capitalist. If you are intending to reply, do not link me to this or that. Prove to me that you think for yourself and you are not some drone who repeats everyone in unison like you belong to some cult.

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