Bad news on ballot measures

– Measure to create an independent water board to fix Portland water tax abuse failed.
Portland Measure 26-156 Water Board
(Reporting: 28%)
No 54,133 71%
Yes 21,584 29%

The Anti-GMO measures passing.  New problems for Oregon farmers.
Jackson County’s Measure 15-119 – 66%
Josephine County Measure 17-58 – 57%

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  • Call out Lars on both issues

    Truly a you’ll-be-sorry after witnessing the May Day vote inasmuch rewired Porkland ‘know’ has s’more bad news attending water rate payer’s ills.

    As for the GMO issue in ‘sow’ Oregon. Alas, the green little pigs have nipped off another nipple and their house of bricks foundation crumbled a sad more. ~ Wolf Kibitzer

    • Battle the buggers aback

      Call out ‘TO’ LARS on both issues.

      ORbegone has bin Dem-fondled a Fosbury flop over commoner sense values.

      Cull the insurgent nonsense before their anal-mule farm buys US.

  • thevillageidiot

    Fear is a great tool. cause enough fear and everybody does what they are told. the no campaign for portland water was very effective a great visual of colored water (oil), pollution) dumped into a glass of water and your rates will go up anyway. visual fear. GMO an unseen bogyman more fear. Nightly news war, death famine, more fear, climate change (global warming) more fear. the politicians and the crony businesses involved get richer thanks to the fearful taxpayer. the Government will protect you all the while taxing you to death and giving it to the least deserving. The scariest sight on TV is the face of our chief war monger and people deceiver. Fear me I will protect you. drone attacks, continued war increased taxes higher food prices. all driven by fear.

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