Kitzhaber caught on tape ignoring media

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  • Bob Clark

    This is sort of like the Marian Berry, D.C Mayor, episode where the Mayor is caught smoking crack cocaine and he gets re-elected anyways. Kitzhaber’s Command oriented economy has been a major drag on Oregon’s economy for the past twenty years, resulting in a ballooning welfare state where rural poverty is epidemic while the government class and crony capitalists hold his political ship together for him.

    • .

      “ship” together?

      • Micheal Moor 24/7.

        Scat happens and/or harpoons! Both enter twine as a rope to hang US and dollop our remains into New World Orgy cesspool.

  • guest

    Citizens unwilling to vote for the GOP alternative ought really take this dotty persona out by writing in Jason Conger for governor.
    RINO Conger messed up his ops by not changing party affiliation like Wayne Morse, of course.
    Meanwhile, whether it be Richardson or Conger, Mahonia Hall deserves better than this rats nestor. Jaundiced Kitznapper already loused up three previous tries, a fourth would be retaining a no brainier like his phoney baloney pals running Oregon’s ship of state aground.

    • Eric Blair

      You are so right. How dare Jason Conger run in the party to which he identifies??? Why wouldn’t he take advice from someone as stable, and grounding, and obviously brilliant as yourself? Look.. you’ve even invented your own language that on the surface appears to be like English.

      • .

        Assay hey Group’nDop’nBlair: My language, respectively akin influenced by sage Norm Crosy, is bent to inhibit your Klingon-ish fanook’n US with boll weevil pigeon-it English, in essence a Guru Whorld Odor stinkin’ US up – wrought by animal pharmacologistical sheepherder obscene all over hell searching such a ewes in estrous looking for a hookups in a Sadom and Gonarrears quarter domain.

        • Eric Blair

          uh huh

          • .

            Affirmation you’re butt smugly a bugger’n d’oh bawl.

  • .

    Cylvia’s swain gotta go… butt not in a loo of Randy’s flaking – just solo his anathema butt down in Calforikakadom where his liveral tenacitease canopy more freely.

    • .

      canopy, no canape’ about

  • Sally

    Sure, but check out the boots. He is a man’s man!

    • .

      Tannery be ‘custom’ created boots from Animal Farm stud foreskins you ‘pose?

  • guest

    Look at the pic. How many costly state police body guards does the dotty gov need to have currently?

    Back in time when he was courting Sharon (Logan’s mom), only one (observable) was deployed, but now he’s so controversial he needs two or more.

    Folks, don’t give him another term to screw up Oregon any further than he already has.

    This guy is phoney baloney, so is his AG, so is his SOS, so are his judicial appointees coming out during his reign – and, just about everything else save for a c p r moment performing aid to an auto accident victim within range of a convenient photo op.

    Three strikes already, he should be out – NOT continuing to walk on thin air already flatulent with Cover Oregon and Gary Haugen’s death wish denied, etc, etc.!

  • Stop feeding the inanity now

    The bloke’s beyond a joke even a travesty conspires. If he’s retained as governor, woe is OR, thereto another sign turning US upside down and then over to a New World Order?

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