Online Poll: What would you do with Iraq?

iraqShould the United States send some troops into Iraq to help defend them from the ISIS invasion, or just airstrikes, or keep our safe distance and avoid involvement?

The decision is before President Obama and Congress.   You can be the President and express your option by voting in our online poll.

VOTE on the RIGHT HAND margin of this website and be free to comment below.

Make your voice heard and vote.

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  • Richard b

    The problem is you forgot t full involvement, boots on the ground.

  • havetoask

    just what would be wrong with acknowledging our attempt to create a democracy was shunned by the people of Iraq and move on. Why not let them have their caliphate and continue killing each other? Wouldn’t the winners there also be the losers?

  • Andy Miller

    It says a lot about what a catastrophic strategic error invading Iraq was in the first place that on a conservative blog a decade later, it’s not even worth mentioning full military involvement as an option in a poll.

    • .

      You naive slip is showing. No further comment.

    • MrBill97702

      I can think of two reasons why full military involvement isn’t being considered now. One, we are back to square one in Iraq and knowing what it would take to get back to where things were in 2009-2010, no one (liberal or conservative) is eager to have to do that again. Second, no one seriously believes Pres. Obama would give the support needed from the WH to make it work.

      • Andy Miller

        “No one (liberal or conservative) is eager to have to do that again” was exactly my point. There was a time when we were eager, and a lesson was learned at the expense of many lives, limbs, and dollars. We are not back to square one. Square one would be February 2003: a stable Iraq, checked externally by its neighbors presenting no threat to the United States.

  • MrBill97702

    Iraq was pretty quiet by 2008 thanks to the surge. We should have maintained a presence similar to what we did in Germany, Japan, and S. Korea. We should not have pulled out like we did in S. Vietnam.

  • What a difference that shakes

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  • Tim in Tualatin

    Biden had it right in 2006-three separate states

    • guest

      Like with US: DNC, MSNBC and NPR

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