7 ballot measures make Nov. Ballot

By Taxpayer Association of OregonWatchdog

1. Illegal immigrant Driver cards Repeal: Reverses a new law that allows Oregonians who can’t prove they are in the US legally the right to obtain a driver card.

2. Equal Rights Amendment: Amends the Oregon Constitution to make sex discrimination illegal.

3. Legalization of marijuana: Legalizes the use of marijuana for those aged 21and older. Sales would be regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission; tax revenues would go to a variety of public services. Prohibits smoking in public.

4. Top-two primaries: Creates a nonpartisan primary election system in which all candidates would be listed. The top two winners would then advance to the general election regardless of political party affiliation.

5. GMO labeling: Requires labels on food to identify ingredients that are genetically engineered.

6. State Judges: Amends the Oregon Constitution to allow state judges to serve in the National Guard and teach in state public universities. Right now, the constitution prohibits Oregonians from being employed by more than one branch of government at the same time.

7. Oregon Opportunity Initiative: Amends the Oregon Constitution to create a permanent fund that would be invested to provide revenue to assist students seeking higher education.

— Measures that failed to get on the ballot

Liquor privatization: Would have allowed grocery stores to sell liquor.

Abortion: Would have stopped state funding for abortions.

No New Taxes without a vote of the people  🙁

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