Decision to deny Morrow’s permit hurts Oregon’s economy

Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports_thb

Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports

Portland, OR – Today, the Oregon Department of State Lands announced the denial of a removal-fill permit, required to build a dock facility serving the Morrow Pacific Terminal. The permit decision follows a lengthy comment period, in which many area businesses expressed concern over the state’s extraordinary scrutiny of a widely used, administrative permit important to many waterway businesses.

“Today’s decision to deny Morrow’s permit, hurts all trade related industries and workers in our region. Increased trade through area ports is critical to the economic recovery for the entire Columbia River corridor, and is one of the few bright spots in Oregon’s economy today,” said Kathryn Stenger, spokesperson for the Alliance for Northwest Jobs and Exports.

Today’s decision was not a part of the environmental assessment process for the Morrow Pacific facility, and made no determination on the projects compliance with state or federal environmental standards.

Likewise, today’s decision has no bearing on the ongoing Environmental Impact Statement process for proposed terminals in Washington State.

All three proposed coal export terminals in the region have been designed to meet or surpass the region’s high standards for environmental stewardship. The Alliance expects each facility will secure necessary permits and environmental approvals, as state and federal officials complete their separate and ongoing review processes.

  • Moe

    The state lands department is doing the right thing. Coal is bad. Very bad. Many people have died due to coal whereas with wind and solar only birds and other forms of wildlife die, but people don’t. Thus, they have taken a brave stand against a form of energy that is wrong, plain and simple. Wrong as it can be.
    End our dependence on this evil black rock….end it now….before it is too late.

    • guest

      Moe, IMO you ought ‘Larry’ Curly on a stage at the PGE Boardman site.

    • wfecht

      to late for what? dinner? The most abundant and cheapest for mof energy on which All the western Economies were built and you want to deny all such growth and economic success to all the third world developing countries. Just exactly do you have against prosperity? or was that for only worlds largest economies. and now we can tell the rest of the world It will be very expensive for you to develope to the same level as us.

  • Bob Clark

    The coal will still get shipped out, either through Canada or the U.S Gulf Coast. And the land of thick moss loses revenue and port facility. Another day heavy in Kitzhaber’s green and poor economy.

  • james

    Oregon has just as many IDIOTS as Wash. DC has, also in the Countyies and Cities.

  • Pacific FreedomFoundation

    The Billionaires Club is funding and financing the Coal and Fracking opposition. The Environmentalist should hang their heads in shame for accepting the money and destroying the environment with their steel bird killing towers and solar panels.

  • Fred Thompson

    The decision by Mary Abrams, Department of State Lands director, to deny the permit was clearly arbitrary and capricious and, thereby, in violation of state laws governing administrative procedure. It was based on two findings, that the proposed dock would unreasonably interfere with fishing and that the permit applicant had failed to consider the alternative of shipping the coal by rail through Portland to the site on the lower Columbia, where the coal will be loaded onto seagoing vessels. Neither makes sense. The proposed dock site is in a heavily industrial area. It’s on port of
    Morrow property. It’s situated between two other docks. It’s an area
    designated by the state as an area where docks are to go. The alternative issue had already been decided by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which determined that the applicant’s proposal was vastly environmentally superior to the rail alternative. The applicant will surely appeal and as a matter of law, the permit will be issued.