Sarah Palin Causing Global Warming

Thousands upon thousands (300,000) copies of her book, Going Rogue, sold the first day. That’s a lot of paper, a lot of shipping and receiving, a lot of energy expended.

Thousands upon thousands of people crowding her appearances wherever she travels. That’s a lot of coming and going. A lot of transporting going on out there.

Left wing liberals going crazy trying their best to marginalize her and destroy her. All that energy wasted. Of course, no one is watching MSNBC or CNN, but they do use a lot of energy preparing their shows for their “huge” audience.

Newsweek cover photo — that alone will cause global warming — it’s so hot.

Oprah has Sarah — ratings go through the roof — that’s a lot of evil, big screen TVs burning a lot of power for no reason.

Fact checkers assigned to work around the clock — to only find 6 “errors” while AlGore’s book of lies goes unchecked for years. A lot power being used to burn that midnight oil.

Newspapers all over the country printing stories about how she will never hold national office, never amount to anything, isn’t smart, inspires the wrong ideas in the wrong people, etc. That’s a lot of newsprint. I wonder how many of those papers will still be in business to report on Sarah in the next several years? But, I digress, that’s a lot of energy used to smear someone in print and that causes warming, as we all know.

So, there it is, simple and to the point and factual. Sarah Palin is causing global warming.