Hollywood State Dinner a Must

Big donor Hollywood types have been invited to a state dinner at the White House. This vital gesture by the president is necessary in tough times like these. Let’s review:

1. No decision yet on Afghanistan — troop morale low — more troops dying.
2. Poll numbers at new lows.
3. Healthcare reform a complete, unmitigated disaster.
4. Global warming fraud exposed while we dither on phony global climate treaties that, if enacted, will cause irreparable harm to the US but do nothing to change the climate.
5. Actual jobless rate above 17% with no end in sight — this is approaching Jimmy Carter territory with full blown malaise just around the corner.
6. Bailed out car companies failing — car companies that took nothing from the government succeeding. I wonder how that happened?
7. Debt growing beyond anything ever seen before in this country.
8. Whirlwind bow and scrape tour of Asia nets — NOTHING.
9. Gitmo still open despite assurance it would not be — well, I guess he has a month remaining to keep his word. We’ll see.
10. Terrorists now coming to a city near you to plead NOT GUILTY.

So, faced with all of the above, along with a greatly weakened image throughout the world, what does the top guy do? Sets up some golf games and invites Hollywood to the White House.

How’s that hope and change working for you?