Latest: Over 600 rally to defend Portland cop.

This morning over 600 police officers, family members and supporters rallied at Portland City Hall to protest the suspension of a Portland police officer Christopher Humphreys who was suspended. The suspension came when he fired a bean bag gun at a 12-year old girl for resisting arrest. The protests were aimed at Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Police Chief Rosie Sizer. There was numerous blue shirts with the imprinted words “I Am Chris Humphreys” and signs that said “No Leadership” (more here). Clearly this issue is boiling over in City Hall.

Your thoughts?

  • Duck fan

    I guess it takes a bean bag gun to subdue a 12 year old girl. Look at the police union guy Westerman. He looks like he’d have a lot of trouble with her. Can’t have these brave officers risking their lives with 12 year old girls.

    I guess this post is intended to stir up sympathy for the police union? I know how much you guys like public employees.

    • Anonymous

      I know, it gets a little confusing, doesn’t it?

      Support the guy for firing a bean bag gun at a child? But vilify the teacher who has to deal with / attempt to teach the same child on a day to day basis?

      • eagle eye

        You (and D f) have a good point. Yes, maybe if the teachers started tasing the kids, like that cop in Eugene did to the Chinese student who didn’t speak English, the teachers would get some respect here.

  • Maximillion

    If you resist arrest you take the consequences.
    Simple as that.

    • eagle eye

      Looks like the out of control cop is the one taking the consequences — he got suspended, right?

    • joe anybody

      no Maximillion… IF* you abuse your authority and abuse citizens with lethal force (kids at that) (or mentally handicapped) then you will face the consequences. Heck thats why they had a rally …to try and convince “society” whom the work for (BTW) that they are (cough) protecting and serving. Sorry but the straw man story is “grasping only straws!” The consequences are “quit using DEADLY force on citizens” …or to clarify a tiny caveat “don’t be hurting 12 year old girls and mentally ill folks”

  • Laura

    Do any of you realize that this “12 year old” is 5’8 and weighs 150 pounds, and slapped the officer in the face? There are consequences for everything. She was combative and didn’t cease and decist as her companion did. Firing a bean bag is less then putting a choke hold to subdue. Get real, people. You are not the ones being assaulted. Quit being bleeding hearts. I want a policeman to take over and stop an already irritated situation before it becomes explosive. She wasn’t hurt. Quit your complaining and be glad we have officers that take the initiative to prevent someone from really being hurt. People get hurt more by riding ((cough) MAX. Quit the witch hunts; quit the b.s. The officer did his job. Hopefully none of you have had to deal with a crazy youth…I have. It isn’t fun and it isn’t pretty. All of you need to understand the situation before you comment. Shame on all of you for turning on your police. Remember the next time someone is breaking into your home or you are assaulted or are in a car wreck or any number of things…who you gonna call? The same police you are tearing apart. REMEMBER THAT!

    • Anonymous

      Um, yes. I am aware that she was “adult-sized” and that she is actually 12 years old (no need for quotation marks). But I see your point. A 5’8″ 150 pound girl might as well be a linebacker for the Seahawks. Humphreys probably should have broken 16 of her ribs, one of her shoulders and cracked her sternum to boot (like he and his boys did to James Chasse). Are you aware that this is the same individual that was involved in Chasse’s death? And that he has other alleged assaults on his record, most notably of Lisa Coppock? This guy is a bad seed, and I for one would prefer that he was no longer a police officer in my community. Deal with it.

      Shame on you for your highfalutin attitude, but thanks for the advice Laura. Cheers.

      • Are You Also Aware That Chasse’s “Caring” Family………….

        let this mentally defective loser wander the streets of Portland for years and did little or nothing to help him? Of course, now that he’s dead they are looking for a PAYDAY from the City of Portland.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks genius, that is really the point of this whole thing isn’t it? The US District Court ordered the county to pay a settlement of $925,000 in July. Now, if you’re Rosie Sizer, and this incident rolls across your desk what is the first thing you’re going to do? Probably drop a few four letter words and ask yourself what is this guy’s defect. I applaud Chief Sizer for suspending Humphreys, he isn’t worth the risk to taxpayers and it’s time to let him go.

          Unless of course the folks here at think the union should be running the show?

          Your thoughts?

          • Beaver fan

            So this guy was also involved in killing that mental patient? Then maybe suspension is too good for him, he should be outta there maybe, and lucky for him he’s not serving time for homicide?

  • Laura

    First, if you know anything which I doubt, “Officer Humphrey’s” was exonoerated of all past charges by a grand jury occurring from Chasse. Second, the girl/woman resisted arrest, struck the officer and basically got a slap on the hand in the way of a bean bag and you sir, are very dramatic in your analogy. Get over it. She broke the law, she was being combative and was asked to stop, she didn’t and got what she deserved. No harm, no foul. Apparently you don’t live in the neighborhood and didn’t grow up here. I have. I have had my house broke into several times even with an alarm by “youth” brandishing weapons..but then, we don’t want to speak of that. How many people have been shot and killed by “kids” in this neighborhood? How many people have been shot in disputes by kids by their own hand? Are you insane? This officer didn’t know if she had a weapon or not…so let’s wait to see if the “bad” cop can get killed by waiting to see if the little girl is going to obey? She was violent. She isn’t hurt, for Gods sake. She has a bruise on her thigh. Small price to pay for assault. Put it in to perspective. If you were in the same situation, are you going to tell me you are going to play paddy cake? It’s easy for you to sit in judgement when you have never been in that situation. Ever confront a burglar coming out of your house with a gun in his hand? I have. Ever had someone start yelling and threatening you for just walking “in the neighborhood”? Grow up. Some places in Portland are a cesspool of crime and officers often times have to act quickly. I applaud his efforts and would have done the same thing to stop a situation from getting worse.

    • Anonymous

      Lady, get a life. I grew up in West Philly (where my uncle – as in father’s brother – was a cop) and I can assure you it was a lot tougher there than anyplace in Portland. Have I had a gun pulled on me? As a matter of fact, yes, I have, more times than I can count on one hand. Have I been pistol whipped while being robbed? Why, yes, I have. Does that make me any more or less qualified to have an opinion on the matter? My car windows have been busted out three times by (presumably) junkies looking for loose change, my home has been robbed twice in my lifetime (once, as it turned out, by someone I knew – a former co-worker). What the hell does any of this have to do with whether or not I think this particular cop is a good cop? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

      Statistical analysis has shown that in any given metro police department better than 80% of officers have never and will never have allegations of excessive force made against them. Of the remaining percentile 75% have or will have one or two allegations made against them. This is considered inevitable in urban police work. All told there is usually between 2-3% of any given police force that receives four or more allegations against them in the course of their careers. These are the guys that are trouble. Humphreys is one of those guys. It’s statistics.

      Cheerlead all you want, I couldn’t care less. You and that d-bag Rupert should get together, you both seem to think you know everything.

      Back to Philly, the booking room of the station my uncle worked at was on the second floor. There were of course stairs leading to the second floor, but often enough when they brought a guy in they’d take him up in the elevator. What do you think went on in that elevator? I’ll give you three guesses.

      I knew another guy, I’ll just call him Ted Z. Ted was working a night shift. He and his partner were called to a possible burglary. It was a warehouse. The warehouse was full of computers components. Ted liked computers (Ted ran a BBS with a friend of mine – neat, huh?). He and his partner searched the place, found it empty, reported it as such and left. Ted was supposed to reset the alarm and lock the door. Because Ted was a shithead and liked computers so much he decided not to do that. Later on, after his shifted ended and before he went home, he went back and robbed the place himself. The next day when he and his partner were questioned about what had happened Ted blamed his partner for forgetting to reset the alarm and lock the door. They were both suspended indefinitely. Ted was eventually cleared of all wrongdoing, but quit the police force anyway. He became, ironically, a prison guard. That suited him quite well as he was one of the meanest men I’ve ever known. He became a member of the “goon squad”, the guys who put on the SWAT gear and go in and beat the living crap out of anyone who gets in their way when things get out of hand at the penitentiary. Maybe Humphreys ought to go do that instead.

      By the way, this was never about trashing the Portland Police Bureau, this was about laughing at the ridiculousness of showing support for a public employee union.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I guess its tough guy day today. Sure seem to be a lot of people all puffed up about how the cop is a wimp for firing at this girl.

    Maybe some of you tough guys should just calm your hormones down a little bit until some of the facts come out. Namely, did the officer follow procedures?

    1 – Is there something in the manual that says subduing a subject physically is the preferred method? Or is using a bean bag round the preferred method? There could be good reasons for the latter. I don’t know, but in cases where the subject has to be physically subdued, and clearly this girl did, perhaps there is statistically less chance of her suffering injury from a bean bag round than from the officers tackling her like all the tough guys here seem to suggest.

    2 – Does the decision on which method to use include the age of the perpetrator? Or is it solely based upon the size of the individual? Or is there no criteria involved at all?

    3 – Was the officer even aware of the age of the perpetrator when he fired the round?

    Frankly the fact that this girls mother has apologized for her daughters behaviour says a lot to me about who was in the wrong here. Even at 12 years old, if you slap a police officer getting a bean bag round sounds like an easy way to learn a lesson she should have learned way before the age of twelve.

    Perhaps a more constructive way for the tough guys to quench their need for macho would be a bag of jerky, a six pack and putting on Dirty Harry rather than second guessing the situation until the facts are out.

    • eagle eye

      Rupert, the story was about a rally of hundreds of people — union members and their supporters — against the decision of those in authority, for better or worse, to suspend the guy. Suspension, not jail time, not losing his job. It seems to me the protestors are they ones getting “all puffed up” and having trouble with their “hormones”. They (and you?) are the ones presently “second guessing the situation”.

      Now, are you going to post some government statistics again disproving your point, as I recall you did a while back with the trucks?

  • After all is said and done

    When a felon’s not engaged in his employment
    Or maturing his felonious little plan
    His capacity for innocent enjoyment
    Is just as great as any honest man
    Our feelings we with difficulty smother
    When constabulary duties to be done
    Taking one consideration with another
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one
    When constabulary duties to be done, to be done
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one
    When the enterprising burglar’s not a-burgling
    When the cutthroat isn’t occupied in crime
    He loves to hear the little brook a-gurgling
    And listen to the merry village chime
    When the coster’s finished jumping on his mother
    He loves to lie a-basking in the sun
    Taking one consideration with another
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one
    When constabulary duties to be done, to be done
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one
    When the drunkard shows no sign of where the drink went
    He nobly bids all alchohol farewell
    When the juvenile delinquent to the clink went
    He hung his mother’s picture in his cell
    When the cardshark’s finished wiping out his brother
    He buys a rattle for his little son
    Taking one consideration with another
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one
    When constabulary duties to be done, to be done
    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure I see how Danny Kaye applies to a discussion of the consequences of the use of excessive force…?

      • After all is said and done

        Bottom line, damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t: A POLICEMAN’S LOT IS NOT A HAPPY ONE.
        Danny Kay sings the “Policeman’s Song” and Anon orchestrates kinda like

        • Anonymous

          CLASSIC! I love Danny Kaye, but I still fail to see the connection. Sorry.

          • Aaisad

            You, Sir, Ano, seem disembodied from common sense – err, or, in flavor of what’s toming from what’s LEFT OF US. D’oh!

          • Anonymous

            I still have no idea what you’re talking about. You must be too clever for me.