Woodburn Independent endorses Patti Milne for State Senate

Patti Milne

Woodburn, OR – One of Senate District 11’s largest newspapers endorsed Patti Milne (R-Woodburn) on Thursday in her race to unseat Senator Peter Courtney (D-Salem). The Woodburn Independent chose Milne for her experience, close connection to the community, approachability and kindness.

The Woodburn Independent joins an impressive array of groups and individuals who believe Milne is the better choice for Senate District 11, including Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers, Marion County District Attorney Walt Beglau, Salem Mayor Anna Peterson, Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC, Marion County Farm Bureau, and National Federation of Independent Business.

The full endorsement can be read here but highlights include:

“The decision simply came down to this: Milne would better represent Woodburn in the Senate. Being a resident, volunteer and business owner here in Woodburn, she has a vested interest in the community’s needs and an unparalleled passion to be Woodburn’s voice in Salem.”

“Simply put, we’re not convinced that the majority of issues he (Peter Courtney) has focused on have benefited the Woodburn and Gervais area. Many of the things he has promoted have done little to affect his own district. Surely, he is able to make more change statewide as Senate president, but while he’s spending time in Salem and Portland, we here in Woodburn seem to get lost in the shuffle of political agendas.”

“Lastly, we are endorsing Milne because of the approachability factor. Milne is kind, upbeat and willing to listen. We did not get that impression from Courtney, who comes across as confrontational and set in his ways instead of someone who lends an attentive ear to his constituents. We want to be sure that our voice is heard in Salem, and Milne would not only represent Woodburn from her own personal experiences, but she seems much more apt to listen and to take time out of her schedule to create a dialogue with those she wants to serve.”

“Patti Milne is entrenched in the Woodburn community and it shows. We know we can count on her to bring Woodburn’s voice to the Senate.”

“I’m honored by the groundswell of support I am receiving from the community,” said Milne. “The momentum of this campaign is becoming too obvious to ignore. There remains a lot of work to be done between now and November, but Senate District 11 will have a new, more approachable voice in the Senate next year.”

Patti Milne has served the Woodburn-Salem community as an elected official for the past 25 years, as a member of the Woodburn School Board, State Representative, and Marion County Commissioner. She is president of the Woodburn Rotary and a member of the Salem and Woodburn chambers. The Woodburn Chamber of Commerce named Milne the 2014 Senior Citizen of the Year. Milne and her husband Stan moved to Woodburn 30 years ago. They have three children and three grandchildren.

  • CherryAnn1000

    I encourage everyone in this district to vote for Patti. She will be a refreshing change after decades of Peter Courtney, a thoroughly unlikeable and arrogant individual I had the displeasure of meeting once. He’s trying to distance himself from Cover Oregon now by soliciting its scrapping because he was a big supporter of it and he’s up for reelection now and wants it to appear he is on our side. He is not. He’s nothing more than an old coot now, and he has long outstayed his welcome.

    • guest

      Same applies to Kourtneyhaber.’ Please vote Dennis Richardson for Governor and send a message to all other ‘covert’ Oregonians their arrogance and malfeasance will not be tolerated any longer..

      • DoraG38

        Agreed. Praying we can get a decent Governor for the state of Oregon. It has been way too long in coming.

    • DoraG38

      Stealing Patti’s campaign signs. Disgraceful and disgusting. Who does that ???? Oh, yeah, I forget, Courtney’s supporters not doubt!!!!

      • PeekAbout ICU ICU

        Not so merry pranksters off a sophomoric campus under Courtney’s confidante, nee, who WOSC among us, perhaps?

  • DoraG38

    Campaign signs missing from Henry’s Farm neighborhood. Liberals lurking or ???? I think it is disgusting to steal campaign signs and I hope Milne’s group will replace them.