Campaign Ads out in Full Force

Campaign TV ads are out in full force as we near the finish line. Here’s a quick review:

The most moving one has got to be “The Diner” by the Yes on 43 campaign. It captures an emotional moment from both sides – the mother and daughter- where the daughter is not telling the truth to her mom.

Another ad with impact is “Reasons” by the Saxton Campaign. Here we have the campaign taking all of their hardest hits in quote forms and showing them with a impactual soundtrack. The ads are negative — but features mostly facts — an interesting angle on negative ads. Kulongoski’s ads can be found here.

Term Limits leads with common people at the kitchen table in their ads (view here).

The Rainy Day Amendment ads go bright and sunshine with “Brighter days” ads. The subliminal message being pass-the-rainy-day-measure-to-see-sunshine-so-taxpayers-will-stop-being-soaked.

We have (what I call) “He Really Loves the kids” ad from the Mike Erickson for Congress. Who is againt love?

Those are the ads (at least those who made them available on the web).

What is your take?