Children Will Drown in Federal Red Ink

We adults are awash in federal government debt. Our children will drown in it. The present health-care reform proposals in the U.S. Senate and House will create an even stronger undertow, dragging us all down deeper. The initial 10-year government-guesstimated trillion-dollar cost of said proposals is harmful enough but, warns the Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell, “These estimates are far too low“¦.” One reason: “Much of the new spending is “˜backloaded,’ meaning that it does not take effect for several years. This makes the long-run costs appear deceptively low.” (Another Cato scholar estimates the program’s initial 10-year cost to be “more like $2.5 trillion.”) Contact all sitting senators, especially the three Democratic fencesitters. Urge them to vote against the current proposals. For the children.