Senator Ted Ferrioli: Joins gun rights case

Ferrioli defends right to bear arms in crucial Second Amendment case
By Senate Republican Office,

Salem, OR — State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) has signed an amicus curiae brief in the case McDonald vs. Chicago. The plaintiffs in the case are attempting to overturn a ban of handguns and excessive gun regulation in the city of Chicago. The case is currently on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.”This is the front line in the defense of our right to bear arms,” said Senator Ted Ferrioli. “The Second Amendment must be respected by all jurisdictions: state, city and county. Court cases like this are how we make sure the right to own a gun isn’t just something future generations read about in a history textbook.”

The City of Chicago enacted four gun registration laws that are the subject of the case. The first prohibits the registration of handguns, effectively banning the ability of citizens to own handguns in the city. The city mandated that all other guns be re-registered on an ongoing annual basis, along with a fee. If the registration on a gun lapses the gun cannot be re-registered and becomes illegal property. The city also required that guns be registered before a Chicago resident purchased it, which is sometimes not possible.

The plaintiffs hold that these laws violate the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Ferrioli’s amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” provides an opportunity for an individual who is not party to the case to weigh in with a perspective that can assist the court in rendering a decision. “This case has implications for Oregon gun owners,” said Ferrioli. “In a recent case in Oregon, a teacher who had a concealed weapons permit was threatened with termination for exercising her lawful right to self defense. It’s time for all jurisdictions to follow the US Constitution.”

### State Senator Ted Ferrioli

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  • Diamond Jim Franconni

    Guns don’t kill people. We should ban cars then.
    These idots really don’t get it.

  • Whatever

    I’m an NRA member and I like the Second Amendment. I hope that the plaintiffs win in this case.

    Having said that, this amicus brief from Ferrioli seems to be (I say “seems” because I haven’t actually seen the brief) just some throwaway grandstanding and shows a complete lack of understanding from Senator Ferrioli as to what kinds of arguments sway the Justices.

    The Supreme Court does not take (nor should it take) emotional arguments into account. Saying that “it’s time for all jurisdictions to follow the US constitution” isn’t going to make much of a splash if you don’t outline the case law (or interstate commerce implications) that you feel leads to that conclusion. The Bill of Rights originally applied ONLY to Congressional actions, and any application to the states was descibed later in terms of case law; usually only after the 14th amendment applied due process requirements to the States.

    I’m impressed by Senator Ferrioli’s general support of our rights, but I won’t be impressed if he submitted an ill-thought-out brief that may, sadly, serve as the legal equivalent of writing “me too” on a piece of paper.

    (Though, perhaps there was a more cohesive argument laid out that has not been released? Has anyone seen the brief?)

  • Concordbridge

    Whatever 11:57 — aren’t you doing what you are accusing Sen Ferrioli of doing: going off half cocked? It is odd that you would write so well and make such a careful argument while admitting your own defeat in the second line.



  • Joe

    I’m an Oregon Firearms Federation member and their Educational Foundation (OFEF) funded the entire Shirley Katz case (the Medford school teacher Ferrioli is referring to). The NRA had NOTHING to do with it – didn’t lift a finger. In fact, the NRA has been AWOL in fighting for the rights of gun owners in Oregon since I got here in 94. Basically when it comes to states they flat out suck.

    Action alerts put out this 2009 legislative session in Oregon:

    Oregon Firearms Federation – 67
    NRA – 2

    In fact, the NRA is notorious for compromising and supporting gun control. They teamed up with the Brady Bunch in 2007 to pass HR 2640, a gun control bill that was pushed by the Brady Bunch and would have died if the NRA didn’t revive it. The only reason it passed and became law is because of the NRA. When it passed and became law by Bush’s signature (another sell-out) both the NRA and the Brady Bunch hailed victory simultaneously on their websites.

    Don’t believe me? Google: HR 2640 NRA

    Or go to:

    By the way, if you don’t (or didn’t) believe me, you haven’t been paying attention. That’s the problem with NRA supporters, they think because they give them $35 a year that’s all they have to do, and the NRA will fight their battles for them. Most of them don’t even know about HR 2640 !

    Becoming a member or renewing your membership to the NRA is the worst possible thing a gun rights supporter can do.

    Recommended no-compromise gun rights groups can be found here:

    All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to join the NRA…and do nothing.

    Joe in Oregon

    • Greg in Beaverton

      I agree with 90% of what you say. But wasn’t the Brady Bill Signed by Bill Clinton? Also, while the NRA compromises far too much, it is not a worthless group. Its gun safety and skill training is still a force for good in our nation. It’s sheer size gives it a national presence that GOA, JPFO, and others rightly envy. As for OFF; Kevin S. and Company are amazingly effective warriors fighting for our rights. I have met Kevin personally and spent some time with him in the trenches. All should join,donate, and volunteer locally with OFF. I will leave the attacking of the NRA to Michael Moore.

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