Senator Ted Ferrioli: Joins gun rights case

Ferrioli defends right to bear arms in crucial Second Amendment case
By Senate Republican Office,

Salem, OR — State Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) has signed an amicus curiae brief in the case McDonald vs. Chicago. The plaintiffs in the case are attempting to overturn a ban of handguns and excessive gun regulation in the city of Chicago. The case is currently on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.”This is the front line in the defense of our right to bear arms,” said Senator Ted Ferrioli. “The Second Amendment must be respected by all jurisdictions: state, city and county. Court cases like this are how we make sure the right to own a gun isn’t just something future generations read about in a history textbook.”

The City of Chicago enacted four gun registration laws that are the subject of the case. The first prohibits the registration of handguns, effectively banning the ability of citizens to own handguns in the city. The city mandated that all other guns be re-registered on an ongoing annual basis, along with a fee. If the registration on a gun lapses the gun cannot be re-registered and becomes illegal property. The city also required that guns be registered before a Chicago resident purchased it, which is sometimes not possible.

The plaintiffs hold that these laws violate the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Ferrioli’s amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” provides an opportunity for an individual who is not party to the case to weigh in with a perspective that can assist the court in rendering a decision. “This case has implications for Oregon gun owners,” said Ferrioli. “In a recent case in Oregon, a teacher who had a concealed weapons permit was threatened with termination for exercising her lawful right to self defense. It’s time for all jurisdictions to follow the US Constitution.”

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