The two faces of Sara Gelser on the environment

Sarah Gelser_thb

Sara Gelser

by NW Spotlight

Sara Gelser, the Democratic candidate for state senate in Senate District 8 (Albany/Corvallis), has her campaign face. Candidate Sara Gelser says she will “be a champion for the environment.” She’s getting big support from an out-of-state billionaire who wants to elect candidates who will support extreme environmental positions. Candidate Gelser is also getting support from the Oregon League of Conservation Voters – and they in turn are also getting out-of-state help from their national group.

That’s candidate Sara Gelser – “champion for the environment.”

The other face is millionaire Sara Gelser and her personal stand on the environment. According to her Statement of Economic Interest – which she’s required to file – millionaire Gelser invests in oil and gas producers, gas pipelines, oil and coal trains, coal mines, and coal-burning power plants. She talks the talk, but apparently she doesn’t walk the walk.

Which face is Sara Gelser planning to bring to the capitol if she were elected?