M48 Giant Piggy Bank Takes Oregon by Storm

The giant Measure 48 Piggy Bank has been touring Oregon in support of Measure 48’s rainy day fund. You may have seen her in these towns: Medford, Coos Bay, Klamath Falls, Salem, Lakeview, Molalla, Burns, John Day, Ontario, Enterprise, Pendleton, Hood River, Eugene, Roseburg, Newport, Tualatin, Portland, and many more exotic places.

Here is an excerpt from the official trip diary: “One thing I witness time and time again- with few exceptions- is the positive reaction from people who see our giant Piggy Bank. Many, many people have taken photos of Patty, either from their cars or from the sidewalks- some right in front of their homes as they see us drive by. Many others wave, give the thumbs-up sign, smile, laugh, and say things like “˜I like/love your pig.’ I really enjoy seeing people point to Patty for their spouses, children, etc. to see. I have heard people shout out many times “˜Hey look at the giant piggybank,’ or “˜Oh my gosh, look at the big pig.’ “

The Piggy Bank almost made it into the Southridge Beaverton High School Football Homecoming game parade. The Piggy Bank naturally fitted into the atmosphere as a parade float (where is “Miss Rainy Day” princess when you need her?).

A business owner from Burns loved Patty so much she wanted her picture taken of her kissing it. So did the local newspaper, Burns Times Herald, who is located next door to her business.

In registering at a hotel in Sisters, the driver was asked by the hotel clerk if he had any animals. Upon the “Why yes I do, I have a pig”, the clerk notified him that the pig had to remain outdoors. This was easy

People were excited to pick up Measure 48 bumper stickers, brochures, and lawn signs.