Chris Dudley to Oregon Republicans: Get those votes in now!

Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley

The Leadership Fund

Chris Dudley urges Republicans to vote in closing days of election

Salem, OR – Former Trail Blazer and Republican candidate for Governor Chris Dudley is encouraging fellow Republicans to Get-Out-and-Vote. A message sent to Republicans on Monday will encourage them to cast their ballots and end the wasted government spending and lack of accountability under Democratic control.

“This election is too important to stay on the sidelines,” said Dudley in the call. “Many state legislative races will be decided by hundreds of votes. Help ‘Bring Home’ a victory for Republicans.”

In 2010, Dudley lost the Governor’s race to John Kitzhaber (D) by less than 1% of the vote.

“All three of the races that will determine control of the State Senate are too close to call,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Every vote is critical. Chris Dudley could have been the first Oregon Republican Governor in more than thirty years if a few more people had cast their ballots. Don’t make the same mistake by leaving your ballot on the kitchen table!”

The 2014 General Election ends at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 4th.

It is too late to mail ballots. Voters should drop their ballots at an official election drop box. A list of official drop boxes can be found at