No wonder people don’t trust the media

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by Dan Lucas

A Gallup poll from September revealed that public trust in the media is at an all-time low. Some recent national developments shed some light on why that might be.

The first of those developments is a new book by Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson is an investigative journalist who worked for CBS News for two decades and had worked for CNN and PBS previously. She has won four investigative journalism Emmy awards and a RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award. One of her Emmy awards was for reporting that was critical of the Bush administration.

Her book documents how the Obama White House and Democrats are protected by CBS. For example, she talks about how CBS suppressed stories about Solyndra, relaying how a CBS News exec asked “What’s the matter, don’t you support green energy?” CBS also worked to suppress Attkisson’s work on stories critical of the Obama administration such as the Fast and Furious scandal, the launch of ObamaCare and Benghazi.

The NY Post reported Attkisson talks about “what she calls the ‘Substitution Game’: She likes to imagine how a story about today’s administration would have been handled if it made Republicans look bad.” It’s an acknowledgement that the media treats stories much more favorably for the Obama administration than it did for the Bush administration.

Continuing on about the flagrant CBS bias, the NY Post reported “One of her bosses had a rule that conservative analysts must always be labeled conservatives, but liberal analysts were simply ‘analysts.’” Attkisson added “And if a conservative analyst’s opinion really rubbed the supervisor the wrong way, she might rewrite the script to label him a ‘right-wing’ analyst.’”

Attkisson also talks about how the White House would put pressure on her through President Obama’s top national security advisor, who is the brother of the president of CBS News.

It doesn’t sound like the problem was unique to CBS. Attkisson explained “Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts.”

The other recent development is how the media is underreporting that a Democratic candidate for governor in South Carolina called his female opponent a “whore.” Can you imagine the coverage this would be getting if a Republican did that to his Democratic opponent? An outraged Ann Romney said “You get so sick of saying there is bias out there, but if a Republican had said this, it would be blowing up in their face like nobody’s business.”

The few media reports on the Democrat’s “whore” comment are excusing it, using terms like “mistakenly” or “accidentally” and shifting the focus to Ann Romney. Why is Ann Romney part of the story at all? Why isn’t the MEDIA outraged that a minority, female candidate was called a whore by her white male opponent? Is it because she’s conservative and thus fair game in the eyes of the media? What an outrageous double standard.

This isn’t the first time the media has covered for unacceptable behavior from Democrats towards Gov. Haley.

Gov. Nikki Haley is from South Carolina and her parents are from India. She is the first Indian-American woman Governor, and she’s Republican. Last year the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party made a racist comment which the mainstream media either ignored, excused or downplayed. The white male chairman said he hoped South Carolina voters would send “Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from and this country can move forward.” How many people heard about that?

We are currently bereft of a vibrant, objective fourth estate. That is a dangerous state of affairs for our republic.

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  • J. Q. Public

    A website that has Lars Larson as a contributor has no standing to be complaining about untrustworthy media.

    • Out lout, Dem fault

      In urine opinion, J.G. Public moister. geyser!.
      In facet you seethe a maroon cookie with no coconut fiber athwart.

      • J. Q. Public

        What drugs are you on?

        • OlDf

          You, JQ, apprear the druggery drudgery dooey!

      • Ballistic45

        And U sir are a bbabilng ioidt… Tacipyl of msot Larebils..

        • OLDF

          You who I agree with most every time save, your preceding comment. Oh, my!

        • J. Q. Public

          I’m so sorry that the education system failed you so miserably.

          • Ballistic45

            THE PAOMNNEHAL PWEOR OF THE HMUAN MNID. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

            So quit correcting people and start listening to them… Stop embarrassing people and start incourging them to participate… Free speech is not conditional upon education, have you forgot that?

          • Eric Blair

            You have given up the notion that is would be OK to beat up communists who are simply exercising their First Amendment rights then?

          • Ballistic45

            Oh, I believe they have every right to express their Political views, and demand that they do the same with those who oppose their views… Simple, isn’t it?

          • Eric Blair

            Doesn’t answer the question… you waxed poetic about the good old days when people would have assaulted communists (or supposed communists) while they spoke.

            Are you backing away from that viewpoint? Do you think that Communists should be assaulted while practicing their First Amendment rights? Was that earlier statement simply a temporary inanity?

          • guest

            Eric tolerant of ISIS and Sharia Law overflowing US streets – or where should the red line be drawing to a contusion?

          • guest

            Answer please, from error prone Dem scatolo-chimps encroaching upon US with their left wing phallus-ades!

          • guest

            Repeat, where are you forum and wave from what oracle defines your Smokyh de’bares, shillgrim?

          • Ballistic45

            Forgive me, Quote me where I said to attack Communist for voicing their beliefs.. Please, I see no such statement in this threat at all by me…… But to answer the question anyway… Yes I will attack Communist, Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, Socialist or what ever name they are hiding behind today if the do treasonous acts to gain power or weaken our security, or damage our economy for political gain…. There is a whole lot of difference in talking about raping children and doing it.. Like wise their is a whole lot of difference in talking about bringing down the Capitalist System and working covertly to do it… Is that clear enough for ya?

          • Eric Blair

            “Our fathers, if they were alive and fit would RAID the Oregon State Fair
            and do battle with these Communist sympathizers.. They lost to many
            friends in fighting Communism not to fight them on our own grounds… WE
            on the other hand will just sit by and let it go on… Maybe belch,
            get another beer and change to another re-run….”


            Uhhhh.. no.. it is not clear enough. When you say do battle, and talk about treasonous acts, are those treasonous acts as you define them? If someone was speaking about overthrowing the government… but that is all they were doing… would you consider attacking them to be a legitimate option?

          • Ballistic45

            Would I, probably not, I cannot speak for our fathers who fought the cold war, Korea and the like, now they had their balls still intact unlike us today.. But battle does not define violence only conflict and I would challenge them for sure.. I would ask them the same questions I now ask you…. What Communist country has shown it can grow the middle class faster and to greater riches than Capitalism? What Leftist Country is actually lowing taxes on its citizens and businesses? What Socialist Country is actually expanding Citizens Rights on all fronts? What form of Government has historically shown to dehumanize the spirit of man, his pride in his work, his pride in his accomplishments, and killed the spirit of hope, leaving him more dependent rather than independent?

          • Eric Blair

            And yet you did.. that was a direct quote from one of your postings. And please, now you’re just walking away from your own words because they were served up to you, and you most likely didn’t expect them to come back to haunt you.

            As for your question, it would appear that we are shrinking our middle class and that our wages, for the middle class has stagnated.

            Capitalism does not guarantee freedom. Ask yourself this Ballistic… if it did, how do you explain the huge economic growth in this country when so many suffered under discrimination and lacked the freedoms that others had?

          • Ballistic45

            First off those who were discriminated against still ended up more prosperous than if they had stayed in Africa, Ireland, China and so on… Ask a Black American, Vietnamese, Mexican, and the whole list of peoples claiming to be discriminated against if they are better off here than they would be in their Country of Origin.. Yes, there is discrimination some race baiters live off stirring the race pot to keep it boiling.. But people like Dr. Ben Carson and others prove that it only holds you back if YOU choose to let it hold you back… Harder for some than others, Yes but you can find that disparity within any Race, not just between races…

          • Eric Blair

            “… not just between the races….”?????

            FInally, you missed my point, evidently, I was talking about the 19th century in this case. Where there were fewer regulations, and racism and sexism ran rampant, and were codified by law. Despite denying freedom to many, this country grew economically. Capitalism has very little to do with freedom.

          • guest


          • guest

            Eric, you appear as “The Fling” a species invader unthawed from cathartic Circle permafrost, defrosted and now toasted as a vegetative remnant from daze gone by.
            T’wit – you’re now invited to step on the right track and with a word from billions and billions of star struck minions, asset forth an electictrify!

          • J. Q. Public

            Ballistic45, there’s nothing to “correct,” because it’s so incoherent. There seem to be quite a few commenters on this site who just vomit unconnected words onto the screen.

          • Ballistic45

            Quit trying to read it word for word and try to read it as fast as possible… Your mind will then see that words even when the letters are out of proper position.. Not everyone can read it…..

          • J. Q. Public

            Anyway one reads it, it’s incoherent.

            Yes, I get that the letters in the words are moved around. It’s still incoherent garbage.

          • Ballistic45

            Cambridge University also found that not Everyone has the brain power to read it, most do… So here is the message translated for you;
            THE PHENOMENAL POWER OF THE HUMAN MIND. According to a research at Cambridge University, it doesn’t matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it without problem. this is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole.
            Sorry you don’t have the abilities of other folks…..

          • guest

            Bovine scatology, Monsewer JQP with blood pressuring number-ing in cathartic conditions resume-ing a bygone era of bean in a mental morph-icide stalking gue sera sera .

    • Dick Winningstad

      The real problem is the left wing MSM portrays itself as unbiased. J.Q. I hope you understand that Mr. Larson is a commentator not a reporter.

      • J. Q. Public

        The MSM isn’t “left wing.”

        If they had been “left wing” they would have pointed out that the Bush administration was lying in its justification for invading Iraq. They didn’t do that.

        There was plenty of information available before the invasion that the Bush administration’s claims were false.

        If the MSM was “left wing” it might point out that countries with single-payer health insurance systems pay less for health care, with better results, than we do in the U.S.

        If the MSM was “left wing” it wouldn’t give equal weight to the tiny minority view that humans aren’t causing changes to climate around the world.

        • Dick Winningstad

          There was plenty of information that Iraq was resisting U.N. inspections during the Bush 18 month rush to war. There was plenty of evidence that U.N. Sec. Coffee Annan and his staff were bought off by Saddam Hussein. The picture was not as clear as you imply or correct as recent evidence of WMDs in Iraq shows.

          But lets get back to the left win bias of the news. I can’t help but remember that our own GOP Sen Packwood was run out of office in part by the publicity of making passes at women. Yet Pres. Clinton got a pass for raping women.

          Pres. Bush II had his past put under a microscope with breathless reports of his drinking and (false) accusiations of deserting the National Guard. What has been reported about Pres. Obama’s past?

          Our current Dem governor had a scandal break about his girl friend and influence on the government. He got a pass for all practical purposes and with no indignation from the pres this issue was put off until after the election. Now admittedly the Oregonian did cover this some but then it wasn’t a GOP governor so it will not be looked into very much if ever.

          • J. Q. Public

            Oh, you’re just a silly man, Mr. Winningstad.

            The “information” about Iraq and their “WMDs” turned out to be manure. At least be an adult and admit it.

            And the claims about it being a short war were manure, too, as were the claims that it would pay for itself.

            And here you want to squabble about minor personal foibles.

            There really wasn’t that much talk of Bush’s (nor Cheney’s) drinking in the media. And Cheney shot a guy in the face, and you really didn’t hear about it.

            But those are relatively minor things. G & C and Judith Miller at the Times flinging their fertilizer on a regular basis.

            And yet you cling to your fiction about a “liberal bias.”

          • Dick Winningstad

            Oh, I did leave out the criticism (not) of Rep Pelosi saying you had to pass the law to see what was in it with not a peep of protest from the media. I also left out the distractions on Obama-care before passage and the media ignoring problems until they became so obvious they had to be covered. And as I already mentioned the investigation into pres, Obama’s past with a blind eye compared to the investigation into Pres Bush’s past or John McCain. Ignoring or attacking the stories about Sec. Kerry’s 90 day Vietnam action and ignoring his discharge after meeting with the enemy in Paris.
            Your claim about Iraqi WMD’s not being there are true in your mind for sure. But elsewhere it is being questioned more thoroughly. Your faith in leftist beliefs is bordering on silly.

          • guest

            JQPubic, your query’s are becoming Michael Moore over the line abhorring…you , sic, prosy moron!

        • guest

          Oh, piles, an udder adjunct Uff-da to the piles of left wing lemmings defaulting Oregon’s commoner sense matrix.

        • guest

          Where was Sen John Kerry’s initial standing attending Desert Storm and where is SOS Kerry mooning about today? Benghazi, that mite be mirth more for JQP’s Earth maneuvering assessments.

  • Bob Clark

    Big government makes for a whole lot more news stories. Hence, the media preference for the party continually seeking to expand government. Just a possible explanation for the media bias. Not sure it holds up to a thorough testing.

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