DMV seeking end-around of your Measure 88 NO vote

Mike Nearman_thb

You can thank President Obama and Oregon Democratic officials who pick and choose when to follow laws and the Oregon Constitution

by Mike Nearman

The will of the people is poised to take another beating.

You’ll recall that in 2013 the Oregon State Legislature passed a bill to give driver cards to people who “could not prove legal residence.” In a May Day ceremony, the Governor signed the bill. However, thanks to a provision in the Oregon Constitution that gives the people the right to second-guess their legislature, the citizens of Oregon got out the clipboards and referred the Act to the people.

Before it could even go to the ballot, a bill was floated in the legislature to rewrite the ballot title, sidestepping the ballot title process which includes review by the Secretary of State, the Attorney General and the Supreme Court. So much for the will of the people. Happily, for the people of Oregon, this ballot title rewrite bill failed to pass.

On November 4th, despite overwhelming negative press and being outspent more than ten to one, the referendum went to the voters and the Act was struck down by a nearly two to one margin. 35 of Oregon’s 36 counties voted against it. Only in Multnomah County did it receive a majority. The “No” vote total on Measure 88 was greater than any other measure and far greater than what the governor received. In defiance of the legislature, nearly a million people voted to deny driver cards to illegal aliens. For a short time, it seemed like a triumph for the will of the voters.

But, hang on. We’re not done yet.

Now, in the wake of President Obama’s amnesty announcement, the DMV is consulting with the Oregon Attorney General and the Governor’s office to see if the approximately 64,000 illegal aliens living in Oregon – and eligible for the president’s new amnesty – might meet the requirements for “lawful presence” and be issued drivers’ licenses.

What do you suppose the chances are that the Oregon Attorney General will respect the will of the people and opine that this matter is settled by your Measure 88 vote? This is the same Attorney General who recently not only refused to defend the Oregon Constitution in court, but denied all others a chance to do so.

So, get ready. All you who signed the petition to put Measure 88 on the ballot, all you who voted no on Measure 88, the will of the voters is about to take another beating.

Mike Nearman was recently elected to the State Legislature from House District 23 and proudly voted no on Measure 88. He can be reached at [email protected].