Clackamas right to vote measure scores 60%

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Measure 3-401 which gives Clackamas voters the right to vote on light rail measures passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday. This comes after numerous sneaky back-door tactics by Clackamas County Commissioners to thwart the petition drive and ram rod the project through. The citizen-led petition effort can be best described as another perfect example of Oregon grassroots power at its best.

Vote Count
Yes 50,940 60.2%
No 33,650 39.8%

  • Bob Clark

    Hopefully Ludlow and Tootie Smith can sieze on the under handed Clackamas County Commission, other than Salvas. If Ludlow and Smith get on the Board with Salvas, maybe the three can use Home Charter law to stop the train from crossing the county border. Maybe they can condem the train and rails because it did not receive a proper vetting by the people of Clackamas County.
    Crossing fingers for Ludlow and Smith victories. We may need some local victories to offset Romney’s limping efforts for the Presidency.

  • valley person

    A whopping 38% turnout, meaning over 60% of the electorate didn’t think this was important enough to bother mailing in a ballot. No way to run a democracy.

    • The Boner

      Ha, ha, you got boned!

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