Immigration Reform: Obama’s Canard for Racial Animus

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

A letter to the editor in the Arizona Republic last week asked the impertinent question – if President Barack Obama was serious about immigration reform why didn’t he wait to work with the new Congress? Good question. What do we know about the author of such impertinence? You mean other than she was “spot on” with her question? Nothing. We don’t need to know anything about the author because the integrity of the question stands on its own and the answer is pretty much self-evident.

Mr. Obama views “immigration reform” not so much as an issue that needs a solution, but rather, primarily, as a “wedge issue” – an opportunity to further infect the national commonweal with racial animus, class envy and political divisiveness. He seeks to exploit the situation rather than to heal it. The proof of this is in the actions taken, or not taken, during his six years as president:

  1. While Mr. Obama promised to “fix” the immigration problem during his first campaign for the presidency he did nothing about it during the first two years of his presidency when he had a large majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. And when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. He did not offer any legislation, did not convene the Democrat leadership to address the problem, did not speak publicly of the need for reform, and did not work with immigration advocates to build consensus or a sense of public urgency. He did nothing. So silent was he that you would have thought the 14 – 20 million illegal immigrants already in the United States had quit and returned to their nations of origin and the problem had solved itself.
  2. During the next two years of his presidency Mr. Obama failed to offer a single proposal for resolving the issue. It was not until his presidential campaign in 2012 that he was again moved to address the issue. And he did not address it in terms of offering a solution, only as an issue to divide Americans between those favoring and opposing amnesty. His actions can only be defined as inciting racial animus and accusing others of racial prejudice. But once the campaign began in earnest, he once again promised to “fix” the problem – he never described the fix in concrete terms but only in terms of inducing those who might actually want a solution to again vote for him. And he knew that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would refuse to allow a vote on any solutions offered by the Republicans in the House thus ensuring that Mr. Obama would not have to take any action that would demonstrate his determination to block any solution in favor of continuing the divisiveness.
  3. Mr. Obama’s inaction continued into the first two years of his second term except for his periodic opportunity to blame Republicans for the lack of progress on a solution and to reinforce with all of Congress that he could not be trusted to implement the totality of any comprehensive solution. Mr. Obama’s presidency has been a litany of deciding which laws he will enforce and those that he will not. He governs not by law but by fiat. So poisonous is the political distrust of Mr. Obama that Democrats in both houses of Congress asked him to stay out of the debate on potential compromises for fear of blowing up any agreements reached. He did not – choosing instead to reinvigorate divisiveness and discord.
  4. It is only now that he has lost majority control in both houses of Congress that he is moved to act. And his actions were not to offer a solution or provide a framework for agreement but rather to drive more decisively a wedge in the debate. He did not wait for the new Congress because he could not afford to allow the Congress to solve the problem and thus deny him his wedge of divisiveness.

For those who criticize Mr. Obama as ineffectual, they should recognize that his actions surrounding immigration reform have been highly effective. He has managed to defer a solution for nearly six years in order to advance his agenda of divisiveness. He has managed to exploit the situation without any real concern for the people most directly impacted – the illegal immigrants.

And the real pity for all of this is that the solutions are already there. Had Mr. Obama simply told the Congress that he would support any compromise solution and fairly administer those solutions, this debate would have been over six years ago. Now, because he has been exposed as a prolific liar and an untrustworthy ally, any solution is unduly complicated by ensuring that there is no “wiggle room” allowing Mr. Obama to pick and choose which provisions he will enforce and/or ignore.

It is unfortunate that the debate on immigration reform has now becomes secondary to a debate on limiting the powers of an unscrupulous president. Mr. Obama should be ashamed and the immigration advocates ought to be outraged at his conduct and the time that has been lost because of his actions.

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  • Jack Lord God

    Personally although I think Obama does like divisiveness I think he also wanted to reward large corporate allies. He also was aware the public was largely against amnesty, and realized if he wanted to pay off cronies with that amnesty, it was never going to be politically popular.

    So, what he did was pick a time when it would lessen damage to his party while at the same time giving him some room to blame Republicans.

    What does Obama get? Well, what he gets virtually immediately is a reward to corporate cronies – they now have a 5mil workforce that costs far less to employ than citizens. Remember – these people were not granted citizenship, they were granted temp work status. That was done specifically so that corporations could hire without facing the $3,000 penalty for not providing health care, which is not required for workers under this status.

    Really what it was all about was another back door work around for the pitfalls of Obamacare. The president figured out a way to outsource jobs while saving corporations the trouble of setting up shop on foreign soil.

    • sol668

      Yeah you guys never supported an amnesty Reagan Cough cough

      and when people think of the republican party, they never think of the party of business, and the rich

      Do you have any other ways you’d like to limit the “free market” to benefit average americans….because I’ve got a list like a mile long, but then again….its you guys that are the proponents of “free markets”

      • Jack Lord God

        If you think temp work status, which gives large corporations a huge incentive to hire the newly minted workers over American citizens is a free market, then it is clear you are using the term with little understanding of its meaning. Try again.

        • sol668

          How is it not a free market?

          Poor in other countries are willing to come here to work for less….don’t companies always have an interest in hiring the worker who will do the job for the least amount of money?

          What you want is to stifle the “free market” by limiting the pool of workers companies can draw from

          which I happen to agree with, but again, I’m not a proponent of “free markets”

          • .

            Butt, Dem an august example of Nazionale Socialist partisan disorder toming from what’s left of US, airing from their incest pool. Peraoblapse!

  • Sol668

    Hey rich old white guy… the most inequitable america since the great depression

    There’s no need for Obama to spread divisiveness, the underclass is getting pretty sick of your brutal police, your greedy capitalists

    Perhaps if you’d like a nation with less in the way of “racial animus, class envy and political divisiveness” you should come up with policy ideas which ooh I don’t know, extend beyond another tax cut for rich people

    but naaa, you conservatives insist upon going down this path, and it can only end badly for rich whites, who are increasingly the minority

    • guest

      Sol668’s gibberish, reminiscent of a gasping Foshter Brooksh.

    • NAFTA Refugee

      Empty pockets middle class white guy here. My dad’s uncle moved to Nanning, China after marrying his mail order bride. He loves it. EVERYONE is equal. Equally poor, but equal. They all ride mopeds. The parks are perfectly manicured. The cuisine is wonderful. They have their concrete cubicle apartment. All decisions are made by the government. As his wife says, it’s just better that way. You Americans discuss everything to death and nothing gets done. If the country that practices brutal democracy is not for you, might I suggest trying communist China. I hear English teachers are in demand over there.

      • Eric Blair

        Those are the only two choices available? Just accept the status quo here or move to China? Huh, and here I thought that we could maybe improve things in this country.

        • sol668

          You’d think they’d love china

          no environmental regulations, no work place safety regulations, limited social safety net, complete ban on labor unions

          China has the largest economy in the world!

          • Eric Blair

            Beats me.. I’m just semi-frequently told that I should move to North Korea or China because I would love it there. LOL.. I’m not sure why they think that, but it really seems to be based upon a rather narrow and pedestrian way of thinking.

        • NAFTA Refugee

          I don’t know your politics. I myself believe in compassionate capitalism. Something we haven’t seen in a very, very long time. Work hard, get ahead. We all know the system is rigged. Cheaters prosper. It’s a fact. What I don’t believe in? Marxism. Marxism is another tired old idea. My ancestors fled from the Bolsheviks. They farmed. Some prospered. Some didn’t. No guarantees. I see the U.S. slipping into socialism, a stone’s throw from communism. I was at the grocery store today. It was packed. Couldn’t hardly move. Lady told me the first nine days of the month were people on assistance. The people just kept coming. Couldn’t believe how many people were hurting, needing help. All the while Washington D.C. has more millionaires than ever before. For me, it all began with Ross Perot warning us about NAFTA. He warned us the jobs would leave the U.S. He was right.
          So yes. Those are the only two choices. We’re somewhere in between, but the pendulum is still swinging.

          • Eric Blair

            Yet.. you already advocated for what you saw as a third choice… compassionate capitalism. Which, by the way, I don’t think has ever existed. There might have been periods where it was more compassionate, but I don’t think you could regularly use the adjective in any consistent sense.

          • NAFTA Refugee

            What do you propose Mr. Blair?

      • sol668

        So in china everyone is poor?

        thats really weird, as the chinese are the largest consumers of luxury goods in the world

        • NAFTA Refugee

          I read the article. It’s true that with the new economy all the jobs have gone to China and India. (NAFTA, CAFTA, etc) The factory workers who have cash in their pocket are seeking upscale goodies. If you think owning a prada purse makes you “wealthy” then by all means you got me on that one. My interpretation of the article is that they are the biggest consumers of luxury goods COLLECTIVELY. Meaning, because there’s so many doing the buying, they represent the biggest market share. But then again, I could be wrong.

          • Eric Blair

            I don’t think Sol was arguing that they were wealth, just that they aren’t necessarily poor. There is a great deal of middle ground between wealthy and poor.

    • Jack Lord God

      Sounds like Sol668 has a slight case of racism.

      • sol668

        I prefer “classicism”

        The rich regardless of their race are the natural enemies of the underclass, since they have opposing interests

  • NAFTA Refugee

    Obama doesn’t want to be on record as voting NO on anything, including illegal aliens. (voting present is okay. Having Harry Reid block votes altogether is okay too) On another note. Ted Cruz just called out Obama for violating the constitution for not upholding the law (as outlined in said constitution)

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