Lars Larson: Kitzhaber hides Cylvia’s misdeeds in Friday ‘document dump’


by Lars Larson

You might think that Friday afternoon document dumps only work for the President and his cronies in DC. But look how well the strategy works for Governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancé, Cylvia Hayes.

Questions arose before the election about Hayes running her private business literally out of the Governor’s office and peddling influence because she has, let’s say, the EAR of John Kitzhaber. The governor stalled the release of public records requested by Willamette Week until LAST week…emails between Hayes and a 60-thousand dollar a year state employee who has been doing her bidding for years.

By bidding, I mean Mary Rowinski booked her plane flights, her hotel rooms, took care of her dog, and even did paperwork related to Hayes private, for profit business. Rowinski spent time trying to find dog friendly hotels for Hayes on trips to Seattle for her private business. Rowinski even picked up Hayes dog in Salem and took it to Portland.

Taxpayers apparently paid for some of her hotel expenses on trips made for her private business. This use of taxpayers funded resources for personal private benefit is illegal in Oregon, and it’s unethical.

And tens of thousands of dollars in contracts Hayes scored, using her status as “first lady,” also breaks the law.

Kitzhaber’s Friday document dump means most Oregonians won’t hear a thing about the story today…because the Governor knows such stories disappear over a weekend. A Republican governor and his wife were convicted of the same kind of crimes earlier this year…but don’t hold your breath for charges against John and Cylvia.

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