Lars Larson: Kitzhaber hides Cylvia’s misdeeds in Friday ‘document dump’


by Lars Larson

You might think that Friday afternoon document dumps only work for the President and his cronies in DC. But look how well the strategy works for Governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancé, Cylvia Hayes.

Questions arose before the election about Hayes running her private business literally out of the Governor’s office and peddling influence because she has, let’s say, the EAR of John Kitzhaber. The governor stalled the release of public records requested by Willamette Week until LAST week…emails between Hayes and a 60-thousand dollar a year state employee who has been doing her bidding for years.

By bidding, I mean Mary Rowinski booked her plane flights, her hotel rooms, took care of her dog, and even did paperwork related to Hayes private, for profit business. Rowinski spent time trying to find dog friendly hotels for Hayes on trips to Seattle for her private business. Rowinski even picked up Hayes dog in Salem and took it to Portland.

Taxpayers apparently paid for some of her hotel expenses on trips made for her private business. This use of taxpayers funded resources for personal private benefit is illegal in Oregon, and it’s unethical.

And tens of thousands of dollars in contracts Hayes scored, using her status as “first lady,” also breaks the law.

Kitzhaber’s Friday document dump means most Oregonians won’t hear a thing about the story today…because the Governor knows such stories disappear over a weekend. A Republican governor and his wife were convicted of the same kind of crimes earlier this year…but don’t hold your breath for charges against John and Cylvia.

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  • Granola girl

    The dems in this state will never stand to get rid of him. He’s their poster child for how it should be….

  • TaxMeAgain

    The local “law enforcement” knows not to bite the hand that feeds it. Even if you get the local news to cover it, nothing will happen to beloved Johnny K. He has a D after his name and I don’t mean doctor.

    If the reporters do hit him with some real questions he’ll just claim there’s an upcoming lawsuit and he can’t say anything. Seemed to work last time.

  • matt mccleary

    I really love Lars Larson and also your site too… Oregons become a haven for liberal bloodsucking democrats and it makes me sick. Oregon used to be a great place to live but since the lib dems have taken over its going to end up like chicago and detroit bankrucpt and broken. People have got to wake up!!!!! its not going to end up well wither your a dem or a republican….. I will not stand by and let THE GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH BECOME THE WORST!!!!!! Where the hell else can you go on earth to be free and enjoy democracy….The revolutions coming vry soon as many miliions feel the same way I do.

  • Larry Sparks

    Why are Mary Rowinski and Cylvia Hays not charged with violating State ethics laws? Have the GOP and other honest people of Oregon lack the courage to follow the rule of law?

  • Jack Lord God

    The corruption is so ridiculously overt that one has to be actively not looking to be unaware of it. With all of that Republicans still couldn’t beat Kitzhaber. Why? Well, because nobody was aware of the corruption. You think the average voter could even identify the name Cylvia Hayes? Not on your life.

    Republicans really need to ask themselves what in the world is the purpose in running another candidate for governor when it wasn’t even close with a governor this corrupt and incompetent

    Kitzhaber has been in charge of the state since the early Pleistocene era. He has proven his total incompetence all the way from the Jane Cese DMV computer scam through the CRC and Cover Oregon.

    Republicans have never gotten close to touching him.

    Maybe about time to realize shifting around the candidates, trying to come up with an ultra moderate pretty boy, will never win an election? Maybe time to think about putting some money and effort into some actual voter education?

    • guest

      Would be extra special to see precinct voting restored to common sense and the incontinent vote by mail, all butt kicked out to manure at some Dem animal farm.

  • bobcat34

    i hate this state going dem all the time , i wouldnt even vote for john after hearing all he was doing with his gf last election but the state wanted a dem so bad they voted him back anyway. It took the story in the oregon paper calling for him to resign a few days ago to get this ball rolling to get rid of him. However in a way i can understand why Oregon votes dem , it because the Rep come up with guys like Dudley a basketball player to run against John . Dudley had no govt experience , all he could do was go to the capitol and talk basketball. It was the stupidest thing for the reps to do. This is why they dont get the votes.

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