Lars Larson: Thoughts on the Reynolds High School tragedy


by Lars Larson

Two teenagers died this week at Reynolds High School in Troutdale. One was a murderer.

And John Kitzhaber, who wants another four years leading the state, admits he doesn’t know what to do.

At a vigil for the dead this week, Governor Kitzhaber admitted “I don’t know what the answer is.”

Well Governor, here’s a start.

Stop talking background checks. They don’t work on teenagers. [It’s already illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase a firearm in Oregon.]

Start enforcing the laws. Too many schools handle weapons found on students administratively rather than using prosecution.

The president reacted to the Reynolds shooting by saying that we’re the only developed country where this happens. That’s a lie. Some of the worst school shootings in the world have happened in Finland, Germany, Scotland and Brazil, which, last time I checked, were developed countries.

The president also says there’s a school shooting a week in America – but if you check the definition they list, it’s any discharge of any weapon, with or without injuries, on or near any public school or college campus at any time of the day or night, including suicides, drug deals and gang activity.

Let’s start doing random searches of schools and students. Yesterday cops found a pistol on a teen that happened to be at Reynolds High. Let the police pick a school every two weeks, at random and without notice, go there with metal detectors.

Third Governor Kitzhaber, the laws you already have allow teachers with permits to carry guns. The Department of Justice says two million times a year Americans protect themselves from criminals by drawing a gun. We protect our paper money with guns. We protect Barack Obama with guns. Heck John, you have armed officers protecting you every day you’re on the job. How about extending the same courtesy to the kids?

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  • Bob Clark

    The Reynolds shooting was limited because of two security officers employed on-site at Reynolds. And lock down training was helpful. So in some ways, counter measures are working.
    Then too, it is not guns per se, because building bombs is fairly easy even for middle and high school students. Someone as hostile as a high school shooter probably wouldn’t hesitate to make and use bombs as a substitute. Heck, in the future, gun making may become liberally available with new technologies.
    Maybe we need to encourage more inspirational teachings in public schools and elsewhere to encourage more tolerance and forgiveness in our public behaviors. This instead of trying to trash certain religious outlets.

  • Clackamas co

    This fool (Lars ) called Reagan the greatest president ever on his show today. Hum, Iran contra? Tripled the national debt? Amnesty for millions of illegals. 1994 weapons ban? Raised taxes? Shall I go on? Why is this jackarse allowed on the public airwaves? Oh ya, idiots on the OC think he speaks the truth when he only lies to the sheep! What a wannabe, oh ya now he is a bow hunter Ted Nugent wannabe.

    • .

      Cc bin blatherer’s verbiage on Lars typical of a fanook’n idiot, butt it’s nothing gnu, merely indicative of a brain washed boring and dull left wing supplicant.

      • .

        Oh, ‘bother’ the way, Cc**: What’s your slake on the ‘fast and furious’ dopa-mines outpouring from the left wing occupied White House?
        Like, are you attached to an umbilical accord supplicating with Hitlary Rodan Clintoon, Evil Axis gizmoosis, which?

        • CC

          Last I checked Ronny (whom I did vote for) had nothing to do w/F&F. So what’s your point? And write like you have more than a second grade education or I’ll move you to the troll file!

          • .

            Borrowing the reg-urge words of David Appell: Feh on you slur! G’day, you sublime bawl!

          • Cc

            G’day, you sublime bawl!……what the heck does that even mean? FEH on you slur! What language are your trying to speak? You live in your mom’s basement, don’t you? Your a legend in your own mind….all city block. Probably in your 40-50’s, not married, no social graces. Picked on as a adolescentr. HS grad with a little CC classes but no degree, no real education, no real skills. You troll this site with babble and have yet to make a single point.

          • Orinoco Flo

            Cum sail away off Kenya, you sloe Ginny BurDickhead, snittin’ under a David Appell tree. .

          • .

            Yo, Foshter Brooks Cc dunderhead, apparent chic shadow grad-indolent: Thank you for voting for RR butt your contemptoratory ID indicative of slip sliding down turd ‘tards what’s left of US, monsewer, you theobore anti-Lars head slaking forumnistaicle DNC bowl of trix.

          • Cc

            I didn’t bother reading as I already know I won’t understand a word. I’m laughing my butt off thinking how pathetic you are to be searching your old post for any hint of a reply. My littyle experiment with you is done. I will paY NO MORE ATTENTION to a fool least I become one myself. don’t bother to reply I’m done with your crazyness. Say hi to mom

          • .

            Laugh, Cc kookaburra, laugh! ‘Reveling’ yourself out from a David Appell tree.

          • Cc

            Man!? Is it your time of the month again? That’s one long cycle. Take 2 Midol and have a big glass of wine. You will feel better in the A.M.-no smarter but fell better. xoxo

          • Ivancie Clearly NowGo Fish

            Cc, are you the same ClackaShmoo posting pro- Portland Creepy stuff’n-nonsense in the Clackamas Review/Oregon City News?

            Stiff so, a joint review of your medical misogyny may reveal a deep ‘kneed’ for treatment by noted exorcist, Dr ScalPatel, followed with rehab outback of a randy loonard drain field, t’wit admini’steered by Stevie little wonder Novick and screened from scent-ology by ‘piles’ of Hales bales.

          • Master

            nope never heard of C Review. I can’t believe YOU are recommending anyone for treatment. Talk about the pot calling………

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