Oregon Dems’ tax tsunami has started


Oregon Senate Republicans

Tax proposals target home mortgages, job training centers, small businesses

Salem, OR – The Democrat “Super Majority” is doing little to hide their plans for the 2015 Legislative Session. On Monday, the House Revenue Committee introduced more than 40 bills that would increase taxes on working Oregon families and small businesses.

“The Democrat regime has a spending fever, and their only prescription is more taxes,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day).

“Thousands of Oregon families are hurting, struggling to buy food, pay rent and keep the heater on, especially in rural parts of the state and among minority communities. The proposed tax increases would put the American dream that much further from reach, and show a disconnect between legislative leaders and working Oregonians.”

Among the tax increases introduced:

  • LC 355 – Reduces charitable giving by capping itemized deductions at $20,000
  • LC 356 – A 50% cut to all itemized deductions, including home mortgage deductions for low and middle income Oregonians
  • LC 903 – Caps mortgage interest deduction at $10,000, even for middle class Oregonians
  • LC 332- Eliminates supermajority requirement for tax bills
  • LC 321 – Allows cities to tax internet access
  • LC 348 – Eliminates the individual income tax “kicker”
  • LC 1036 – Allows cities to levy a sales tax on alcoholic beverages
  • LC 1674 – Raises taxes on job training non-profits, rural health care facilities, pollution control facilities, TV and radio stations, housing for college students, farmland used for grazing, county fairgrounds, boats used as ferries, crab pots, Christmas trees, trees and shrubs, farm produce (even if donated to a food bank), farm machinery, small business inventory, and others
  • LC 1675 – Cuts the standard deduction and additional standard deductions for seniors and the blind
  • LC 1683 – Rolls back part of the small business tax cut from the 2013 Grand Bargain, the largest tax cut for small business in Oregon history

“I wish I could point to a legislative committee that had introduced forty proposals to help spur Oregon’s economy and give families the opportunity to do more than just survive,” said Ferrioli. “Instead the ruling party will try to feed their desire to spend by targeting average Oregonians who are trying to make ends meet.”