Executive Club Wed. Jan 6th: Gregg Clapper on his vindication

Executive Club Meeting
6:00 pm, Wed, Jan. 6th
Portland Airport Shilo
Featuring Gregg Clapper on his legal victory

It has been nearly five long years since we saw the headlines that the Oregon State Police had charged our compatriots Mark Hemstreet and Gregg Clapper with an incredible number of hunting crimes. After two long years, all the charges were dismissed. Since that day, the two fought back every way they could, finally suing the State Police for malicious prosecution. After three more years our heroes were paid a settlement of $300,000 and one of the state troopers was disciplined.

Be at the January meeting and hear the outdoorsy Clapper (pictured, with a large friend who appears to be sleeping) tell the inside story of the whole bizarre experience. Even the most cynical of us who already have low opinion of government bureaucracies will be shocked at the extent of the abuse of power by our “trusted civil servants.” –