Obama joke from Oregon

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

When I saw that Obama skipped the Paris world unity march against terrorism because he was busy vacationing in Hawaii and his Attorney General (who was in Paris but was doing TV interviews during the march) skipped it as well, this joke came to us. Please pass it on!


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  • Walter Cronikinsght

    What’s not new? Barack Albewanna Golfbe and his Ego Hussein Beerholder just couldn’t be bothered with attending the gathering.
    Indeed blokes, that portends exactly the sway it is.
    Allah whooping cough ackbarf, pilgrims!

  • Bob Clark

    To add insult to injury, the prez releases four terrorist fighters from Club Gitmo headed back to the Middle East. The latter action in light of the French snub kind of makes an impeachment process more viable. I now think you could maybe pull the trigger.

    • Bob Clark

      probably shouldn’t have used the term trigger. Better term maybe is initiate impeachment talk.

      • Eric Blair

        Exactly which impeachable offense did Obama commit? Now personally, I think holding people without trial is an impeachable offense, but evidently conservatives are not as big on the Constitution as the like to pretend.

        • guest

          A down vote upon you , ergo blaring New World Odor-ant left wind gust whore-ling about amid US.

          • Eric Blair

            You mean like that?

      • Granola girl

        I don’t know Bob, I kind of like the word trigger, LOL!!

        • Eric Blair

          Would that make you trigger happy?

          • Granola girl

            I wouldn’t shoot him, that would make him a martyr. He’s not good enough, nor worth being that.

  • Jack Lord God

    Sending Kerry with James Taylor to France, the latter singing “You’ve Got A Friend” finally made me have some faith in the president.

    It was so absurd. So historically ludicrous that I finally felt I was getting my moneys worth in the comedic value of the incompetency.

    Obamas hedging around, trying to never link the word Islam with terrorism, is just icing on the cake.

    Sit back and enjoy the buffoonery.. Nothing you can do about it for two more years but laugh.

    • MrBill

      Could have been worse. Kerry could have left JT behind and sang it himself.

  • Guest

    America just doesn’t seem to care! Conservatives whine (per usual) about BO but what of the American citizens? Canada held marches in support, Israel held marches in support, so did many other countries. Where was all the support from the American citizens? If there were any I missed it. Where are all the news stories about the tens of thousands of Americans marching? Should BO have gone? Personally no. The VP or Sec of State? Sure.

  • MrBill

    Isn’t leading from behind kind of the same as backseat driving?

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