Help Oregon-based aid group help Haiti

Compassion First is a Beaverton based ministry that helps with human rights, poverty and human trafficking efforts.

Compassion First is responding to Haiti’s tragic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred Tuesday afternoon. The images and reports of Haiti’s current state are overwhelmingly devastating. The quake struck southern Haiti, centered about 10 miles from it’s capital, Port-au-Prince, toppling buildings, inflicting destruction and casualties. Hatian government officials are estimating the death tolls to reach well into the tens of thousands. In response to the country’s desperate situation CF is working with specific church and NGO partners in order to dispatch first response relief. On site organizations are focused on immediate needs such as search and rescue teams, and funding for the provision of critical supplies including water, food, shelter and first aid materials. Compassion First will remain true to its mission in continuing to provide long-term, hope -filled solutions to human disaster by engaging strategies that prioritize long-term recovery, case management and rebuilding for the surviving victims of Haiti. Estimates of individuals who need aid have been as high as 3 million, one third of the country’s population. This is truly Haiti’s hour of need. Donate Here.

Hope you can help, Jason Williams