Romney not running for president in 2016

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The Hill is reporting that Mitt Romney will not run for president in 2016.

The Hill reports “In a call with supporters early on Friday, the former Massachusetts governor said it’s time to ‘give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee.’

In an article in the Oregonian this morning, the Associated Press notes “But in the days since, as Romney tried to rally support for another campaign, he discovered that several of his past supporters and major fundraisers had defected to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.”

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  • Jack Lord God

    Republicans will lose the next presidential election unless they nominate someone who will actually fight.

    McCain v Obama – McCain gave explicit instructions to his staff that Obama was not to be maligned or attacked in any manner.

    Romney v. Obama – Romney takes a hands off approach to Obama with little, but not explicit instruction not to attack. Romney seems a possibility to win only after debate one, and that only due to Obama taking a nap. When debate two came, and Romney was not prepared for Obamas flat out lie that had called Benghazi terrorism it was all over. Had Romney prepared for that predictable event, as well as Crowley’s predictable shilling, he might have won the election right there. Romney instead elected to fold rather than to call Obama on the blatant falsehood.

    So how is not going on offense and attacking working for Republicans? We lost the last round in an environment with over 7% unemployment, and most peoples wealth going straight in the toilet.

    Oh and lookie here – who is warming up in the batters box? Another Bush. A family well known for bare knuckles go on offense no holds barred slug fests in politics. Yeah right.

    If Bush is the nominee, say hello to a Liz Warren presidency.

    My pick for best nominee for Republicans? Scott Walker. Im not talking policy here, but in terms of going on offense, articulating and fighting for what he believes, it’s hard to beat Walker.

    • CherryAnn1000

      I like Scott, too, but I also like Ted Cruz.

    • MrBill

      Walker would be my first choice too, but anyone with strong executive experience and who won’t back down in a fight can count on my vote. I’d take a hard look at Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Perry too.

  • Sally

    Cruz, Rubio, or Walked…with Dr. Carson as VP. That’ll do it!

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