Top 30 conservatives in America

The Telegrapgh newspaper in the United Kingdom published their much heralded top 100 conservative list. We list below the top 40.

1. Dick Cheney
2. Rush Limbaugh
3. Matt Drudge
4. Sarah Palin
5. Robert Gates
6. Glenn Beck
7.Roger Ailes (Fox NEws, Pres.)
8. David Petraeus
9. Paul Ryan (Wisconsin con.)
10.Tim Pawlenty (Gov. of Minnesota)
11. Mitt Romney
12. George W. Bush
13. John Roberts (Supreme Court)
14. Haley Barbour (Missisippi Gov.)
15. Eric Cantor (Virginia Cong.)
16. John McCain
17. Mike Pence (Indiana Cong.)
18. Bob McDonnell (Gov. Virginia)
19. Newt Gingrich
20. Mike Huckabee
21. Andrew Breitbart (Media)
22. Bobby Jindal (Louisiana Gov.)
23. Sean Hannity
24. Charles Krauthammer
25. David Brooks (NYT columnist)
26. Mark Levin (Talk Show Host)
27. Mitch McConnell (Senate Minority Leader)
28. Laura Ingraham
29. Joe Lieberman
30. Antonin Scalia

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  • Survey says

    60 not listed, perhaps, names like Lloyd Marcus, Clarence Thomas, J.C. Watts, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Janice Rogers Brown, Condoleeza Rice, Michael Steele, Bill Cosby, et al.

    All certainly worth taking into account.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that only two of the top 10 hold public office.

  • v person

    Wow. What an all star cast. The most unpopular vice president in history in the lead, followed by an angry blowhard college dropout, with a telegenic but willfully ignorant 1/2 term governor of a welfare state not far behind. And GWB at number 12? I thought he wasn’t really a “conservative,” so how can he be in the list? Same for John McCain at #16.

    General David Petraeus at #8? What makes the creator of this list so sure he is a “conservative?” He might surprise you.

    If this list really reflects conservative leadership, you folks are in a deeper hole than I thought.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Yep, and if you didn’t figure out that the fact that moderates on the list such as GW Bush or McCain should indicate to you that this is essentially a People Magazine poll, then you are a little further gone than we all thought.

      • v person

        Only it wasn’t a People Magazine poll, and if you bothered to check it reflects the judgment of the journalists at the Telegraph, which lumped everyone right of center as conservative and left of center as liberal. No moderates need apply.

        I’ve asked you this before and you have never answered. George Bush declared himself time and again to be a conservative. He cut taxes, waged war, tortured, was anti-abortion, and tried to privatize social security. If that was not a conservative than what was it? And was he lying the whole time? Or were the people who voted for him (some twice) fools?

  • Anonymous


    Why don’t you give us your litst of top liberals or worse, progressives.
    I’m sure that will be impressive.

    As for who made this lost or why GW Bush is near the top who knows.

    Buy one thing is for sure the looney left has been screaming the farce of how we had suffered under 8 years of conservative policies. So it is the left who most often misrepresents people as conservative. Of course they also misrepresent whatit is to be conservative.

    That makes any explanation or contribution you have nothing but worthless hackery.

    • v person

      You may have missed something. I said *IF* this list reflects conservative leadership….I did not say it did or didn’t. If you have a better list, then share it. Give us your top 10.

  • Miato

    Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your

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