KATU: WW’s Nigel Jaquiss – Indications are Kitzhaber will resign

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  • Mort

    Rumors are just that. This bozo is going to cling on as long as he possibly can. What a sad sack. What a total buffoon. He is the guy our parents warned us about when we were in high school. Nothing good about him. Nothing. Not one redeeming factor. Unless you count misleading and lying and cheating as redeeming.
    This blue jeaned wonder is toast…he just doesn’t know it yet, which is surprising, as he is so very, very smart.
    How can anyone deal with any of this without laughing out loud at this moron?
    He should be ashamed, but apparently is too thick to know.
    How sad.
    How very sad.
    Time to saddle up, cowboy!!!!!!!!

    • guest

      Has the nefarious “Peter Principle” become passé considering the dotty gov Kitzhaber’s performance ‘principales?’
      Seems so!
      IMO, past time for state voter militia to sound ‘Recall” of Cylvia’s swain, “John” Kitzhaber if he persists in not resigning.
      As for Brown, Wheeler, Courtney, Kotek all in line to rear-end the current train wreck in progress: Constitutionally institute a Lt. Governor position, preferably a person of interest with common sense imbued. Today, Dennis Richardson seems a far better a leader than what the State of Oregon DNC has to proffer.

      • Pat

        Yeah. Why doesn’t Oregon have a Lt. Governor?

    • Gus Fennerty

      If he was all of the above, what does that say about the clear majority of Oregon voters who elected him? This stuff was known before the election. Nobody should be surprised.

  • Granola girl

    This governor has done nothing to help our state. Im happy I am not one of the idiots who voted for him this time around. Too bad he is thinking with the wrong head. Such a loser.

  • The liberal party is the party of corruption. Love watching it crash

  • IhateLiberals

    He is rapidly becoming a NATIONAL EMBARASSMENT. This story is now in most national news outlets. But like most delusional Democrat politicians; he will try to hang on until threatened with criminal indictment.

  • Moe

    All hat, no cattle.
    Small horse, no saddle.
    No meat, just fiddle faddle.

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