Missing: Gov. Kitzhaber – please call KATU if found!


by NW Spotlight

Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber made national news in early January after he bolted when asked a tough Cover Oregon question by KATU.

As we reported back on January 11th “ KATU asked Gov. Kitzhaber some tough questions – especially about his having been warned in an email by former state Rep. Patrick Sheehan ten months before the web site launch date about problems with Carolyn Lawson and with the project. Gov. Kitzhaber claimed he hadn’t seen the email, and then the interview was cut short by the Governor’s spokesman.”

Well, it looks like things have gone from bad to worse for Gov. Kitzhaber.

KATU has more questions for him, and now he’s gone missing! KATU’s Hillary Lake had scheduled an interview with Gov. Kitzhaber yesterday – after trying to get the Governor to answer more questions for weeks. Then KATU got a call from the Governor’s office claiming there was no interview, but KATU has the email confirming the interview.

What is Governor Kitzhaber hiding? Why won’t he talk to KATU?

Click here to watch KATU’s excellent coverage this week of the Cover Oregon disaster.