Brown 15 point swing gives Kuzmanich hope against David Wu

Massachusetts surprise candidate Scott Brown was 13 points behind Coakley in December, and ended up soaring 15 points upwards to win by 52% in less than 30 days. An incredible feat for a liberal state that has only 12% Republicans. It is that type of unpredictable tidal wave that has candidate challengers salivating. The first congressional candidate to blast a press release vowing to surf the national wave is John Kuzmanich who is challenging Oregon Congressman David Wu. See below;

Press release from John Kuzmanich campaign,
Portland, Ore. — John Kuzmanich, Republican candidate for Oregon’s 1st Congressional District, says the results of the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts in which Scott Brown defeated the political establishment candidate Martha Coakley proves that he is the right candidate to unseat David Wu in November. “What happened in Massachusetts yesterday shows that people are fed up with a political class that ignores their wishes,” said Kuzmanich. “Scott Brown was the people’s candidate. He won because voters care far less about party affiliation than they do about having elected officials that listen to them.
“People are frustrated. They see a President and Congress that is increasingly disconnected from the reality they are living every day on Main Street. At a time of record federal deficits and near record job losses, Congress cut backroom deals to flood taxpayer dollars to favored interest groups such as banks, labor unions and insurance companies.”

Like Scott Brown, John Kuzmanich is loosely affiliated with the Tea Party movement, which has attracted millions of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who object to the record deficits and government cronyism that has characterized the government’s response to the nation’s financial crisis.

“The Massachusetts Senate election shows that people are rejecting candidates favored by the party establishment, said Kuzmanich. “Like in Massachusetts, Oregon voters don’t want their candidates chosen by party hacks back east. They are hungry for authentic candidates who live the same reality they live and who listen to and understand their concerns.

“In my race for Congress,” said Kuzmanich, “I am that candidate.”