Air America Gone But Not Forgotten

Air America, the politically left-leaning, liberal talk-radio network, is finished. Kaput. Over. Done. Gone. Vanished. Missing in action. Totally bankrupt. Flat broke. Down and Out.

What happened? They had plenty of talent (Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, to name just two), 100 stations, free funding, ads, microphones, mixer boards, transmitters, towers, and antennas; absolutely everything they needed to succeed.

Everything, it would seem, but listeners. Pundits across the United States are still trying to determine just why it is that people did not want to hear endless, mind-numbing rants against religion, gun ownership, war against terrorists, military trials for enemy combatants, Gitmo, life, big business, and capitalism.

Can anyone explain this mystery? Is it too late to save this vital broadcast empire? Donations? A telethon? Something? Anything? A big concert?

Sadly, it appears nothing will save this experiment in left-wing, liberal broadcast radio. America will suffer with its demise. Citizens will no longer be able to count on fairness on the airwaves. Without Air America, where will we turn? Only NPR remains standing as the last bastion of broadcast liberalism.

Please support it or we might lose it, too, and that would be the death knell of broadcast liberalism and the death knell of America as we know it.