Feds launch massive criminal public corruption probe into Kitzhaber-Hayes

Gov Kitzhaber-Cylvia Hayes2_thb

by NW Spotlight

Nigel Jaquiss at Willamette Week reported yesterday that “The U.S. Department of Justice has filed criminal subpoenas with the state of Oregon seeking records related to outgoing [Democratic] Gov. John Kitzhaber and first lady Cylvia Hayes.”

Laura Gunderson at the Oregonian said the massive FBI investigation “looks to be the largest criminal investigation of a public official in Oregon.”

The FBI spokeswoman explained in a statement “Public corruption investigations are the FBI’s number one priority because such allegations, if proven true, strike at the very core of our government’s ability to serve the people of this state and this country.”

Willamette Week was first to report back in early January that the FBI had opened an investigation into Oregon first lady Cylvia Hayes.

Willamette Week noted yesterday that “The U.S. Department of Justice employs a large public corruption unit, which pursues cases around the country. That unit recently completed a case against former [Republican] Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell and his wife, resulting in a two-year prison sentence for McDonnell.”

Kitzhaber and Hayes are also under a criminal investigation at the state level, and Hayes may face an IRS investigation. They also still face a civil investigation by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

Other news outlets reporting on the federal criminal probe:

Salem Statesman Journal: Kitzhaber now subject of federal investigation

LA Times: Federal subpoena seeks Oregon state records concerning Gov. John Kitzhaber

CBS News: Feds subpoena Oregon governor, fiancée in ethics investigation

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  • Pat

    While they’re at it, at state and federal levels, I hope they don’t skip over Kate Brown’s ties with Comcast, and her lobbying the FCC on their behalf, while in office as Secretary of State!!

    • Bob Clark

      I can see an Operation Chaos coming in the May 2016 Democrat party primary. Wheeler against acting Governor SEIU.

  • Bob Clark

    Boy, I can’t wait for the book(s) to come on this forest fire. Probably even a movie. Kitzhaber goes out like most of his big social experiments, in absolute failure. (1) CIM/CAM the state educational testing system. (2) The Oregon Health Plan version 1, before Obama and the federal money printing machine bailed it out for the time being. (3) Cover up Oregon, (4) Rudy Crew, (5) CRC (no conflicts there with his advisor also receiving payments from the general plan contractor…yeah right).

    What’s really sad is folks vote for this guy and others of same statist approaches; then when you ask them who the Secretary of State is they don’t have the foggiest.

    • CherryAnn1000

      Bob, there are still people out there who are amazed that this fuss is being made about this man and the First Paramour. I read one just today that said she was proud of him, she’d voted for him four times, and would do so again. The old adage is true–liberalism is a disease, and this state has the worst case ever. I hope with his departure, even though Kate Brown is no prize, either, that maybe at the next election we can finally get some viable conservative candidates who truly want what’s best for this state and its people, and not their own personal agenda and bias.

      • Eric Blair

        Yes.. because Liberals are only about their personal agenda and Conservatives really just wants what is best for everyone else. The world of politics can surely be reduced to that dichotomy.

      • guest

        Had the secular D’s and I’s that voted ‘against’ Richardson been on well reasoned alert, they know who they are, there would have been an honorable man sworn in and a dotty governor given an honorable discharge without all the drumming beats now attendant.
        Hear Ye now, SOS Brown, a Bradbury replicon isn’t going appear any better in the Dem situation controlling the Salem asylum.
        Wake up folks and don’t allow any more Dem chicanery gone unimpeded since Goldschmidt shineola’d the ground under his fete.

        • Ardbeg

          Dennis R may be an ‘honorable man’ but he was not an Oregon man. Oregon voters believe in a woman’s right to choose, Oregon voters believe the government should stay out of the marriage business. Dennis R could have gotten elected in Oregon if he would have let go of those two issues.

          • guest

            Blovine scatology dour amonkst a cellar of devious shiilers!

  • Larry George

    I’m sad to say that the state of Oregon has become a laughing stock by the rest of the country. I have friends all over the country who are sending me notes and asking me why I’m staying here? I tell them that I see myself serving as a missionary in a foreign land.

  • Oregoncowboy

    With this being the Obummer administration in charge I would not be too surprised to see this swept under the carpet. Most of the dumocrates in Salem are of the same ilk, things are not going to change, for the better, in Oregon any time soon. With Kate Brown in charge it will be business as usual, out with the rotten apples, in with more rotten apples.

  • Lonn C Sweeney

    I think Kitzhaber comes in second to John H. Mitchell aka John M Hipple. Former senator from Oregon. He is the only known senator to serve in the senate under an assumed name. However he is long gone and forgotten and died before he could be convicted. So Kitzhaber takes the prize for the modern area. (so far)

  • xslipper

    Kate’s just another in a growing list. There’s the AG, State COO, heads of CHRO, BOLI, SEIU, SOS, ODOT, DHS, DAS, OED, DOC, etc.
    There also Duke (the Marion) Shepard who jumped ship last month. There’s managers, supervisors, directors, elected and appointed officials, there’s Human Resource directors and managers, executive managers, SEIU union reps and stewards. The list goes on.

    It seems while we Oregonians were puffing on their meth pipes learning to play their ukaleles, our state was overtaken by 2-bit thugs.
    We have only ourselves to blame for allowing so much corruption in our front door.

    • CherryAnn1000

      Not to mention the invasion over our southern border of libs from Cally. They have taken our state hostage, and as Tom McCall said long ago, come spend your money, enjoy our scenery, then go home. They need to go home.

      • Eric Blair

        So, are you aware of where Dennis Richardson is from?

        • Pat

          Are you aware of where Kitz is from?

      • Ardbeg

        Richardson an L.A. Lawyer or Kitz, a doctor from Colfax who went to high school and lived in Oregon since he was a teen. Based on just those factors Richardson comes up short. In case you were wondering, 46% of Oregonians where born in Oregon. The other 54% of us came here from some place else. So if you are a native Oregonian, that may give you a sense of pride but it also means you are in the minority, and gives you no special rights or say.

        • guest

          D’oh bawl butt for another round of singular malt scrotsitoligists.

  • nadiasindi

    I also hope & pray the Febs will be launching criminal public corruption probe on former A.G. Dave Frohnmayer & his bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman who forged my family’s signatures & sold our condo without my signature, then, kicked me out!!





  • David from Mill City

    First, an investigation is not a conviction. Second, the what and why of the federal investigation is not known at this time. Granted there are a lot of guesses, but they are just that guesses. Third, we do not even know if Kitzhaber is the target of the investigation and given the way the feds work we will not know unless there is an indictment. So all this talk and speculation is a waste of time.
    There is something that we should be doing that has come out of this matter. Looking at what the legal status of the Governor’s spouse is and what can that individual lawfully, ethically and properly do. And in that discussion we also need to consider a Governor’s significant other if he is not married. At the root of this whole matter are those unanswered questions. For example, given the current legal relationship between Governor Kitzhaber and Ms Hayes it is not clear that he needs to report her income sources on his ethic reporting forms, or if he properly can.

    Then there are the more mundane questions, can an individual not on the state payroll lawfully have a desk in the Governor’s office. Or how responsible is the Governor, if a staffer of his does a favor for his wife or significant other particularly if he did not request it be done.

    And lastly there is E-Mail. It is clear that messages sent or received by an official e-mail address are public records and thus are subject to all the rules associated with public records. It is also clear that a public official cannot lawfully use public resources for political activities. And it is equally clear that a public official can and should have a private e-mail account for him to conduct his or her private or political business and that those messages are not public records and short of a court order not subject to public scrutiny. And the reality is clear that no matter how careful a public official is messages will be sent to the wrong account. So what is needed is a system to insure that all that is public is public and all that is private remains private.

    I have a suggestion to accomplish this. Acquire or develop at public expense E-Mail software for the private use of public officials that archives all e-mail messages (including spam) received or sent by the official in his or her private capacity in an unmodifiable or delete-able form. This software would also have a feature that would permit him to forward public messages to his public account in a form that shows that the message was not answered from the private account. The public official would be required by law to retain this archive for not less then 5 years after he leaves public office so the contents would be available for court ordered review. Additionally a procedure would be developed under which private messages sent accidently to his private account could be removed from the account and thus from the public record but retained for the same 5 years as private messages. This combination should provide a verifiable balance between the need for public records and an individuals privacy rights.

    Granted, there is an element of locking the barndoor after the cow got out to this discussion but that does not mean we should not happen. And now we have a real example as to why we should. Thoughts?

  • CherryAnn1000

    in a word, good. These two have been playing footloose and fancy free for a long time, and it’s time to pay the piper. I hope the fed does a good job, and that these two do some time. Dr. No, in his resignation speech, takes no responsibility whatsoever for his actions or that of his paramour. “It’s not my fault!” wails Kitz.

  • nadiasindi

    Please would you add this crime to the Wikipedia for oregon corrupted officials too!!


    • .

      Benghazi, you maybe be ripe butt thong another horirzon, Hitlary peerhapse.

  • Jack Lord God

    It’s not going anywhere. The purpose of the FBI investigation is to keep the corruption division busy but not to actually go anywhere. If you think for two seconds the Obama justice department is going to do anything but run the clock on this one you are crazy. By the time a new administration comes in, nobody will want to deal with it.

    Oh what, you think the press is going to keep the heat up on justice to pursue this?

    That would be the same press, other than WW, that kept this thing tightly bottled up until after the election?

    Kitzhaber skates with a fine at best.

  • Sally

    Massive my ass. This bozo and his clown friend will get off free as love birds.
    The system is rigged and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

  • Nadia Sindi

    Oregon is full of criminal officials running lose without any restrain!!

    Don’t forget about fromer A.G. Dave Frohnmayer & his crimes!



    Remember the Movie Without Evidence 1995: Angelina Jolie


    The story revolves around a possible conspiracy behind the real life murder of the Oregon’s Head of Corrections Michael Francke.

  • guess who

    Amazingly enough no won has checked into the lack of records on the amending of article 7 in the Oregon constitution where as the person signed as both governor and sec. of state after resigning both positions and reportedly retiring to Calif. and passing away. The sec. of state cannot find the voting records for that election in which article 7 was supplanted.

  • RaymondSmith

    If Public Corruption is such a high priority why aren’t they doing something about the administration, crony capitalism, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, etc etc.

  • First Good News about FBI since…

    News reports keep coming in about the FBI investigating Governor Kitzhaber. That is the first good news I’ve read about the FBI since Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was handling your Public Relations via the FBI TV show.

    I hope you learn from this and start going after other criminal Public Officials. Here’s another for you, actually many in the Oregon Department of Justice documented on my website http://www.freetom.info – notice the railroading of innocents to prison for legal system profit and Judge Napalatano’s statement that half the people in prison either are innocent or harmed no one but themselves. Also note Gerry Spence’s statement. Then notice all the refusals by Oregon Public Officals to correct or even communicate about it under Kitzhaber’s watch, including Kitz. And the refusals of the Oregon State Bar to obey its own rules to discipline a lying DA when presented On The Record proof.

    Getting serious about cleaning up government corruption could clean up the FBI’s public image as do nothings which was published during Clinton’s administration by a book showing the FBI’s investigator of incoming Presidential staff approved many pot smokers and worse criminals because he was told to. Do you think the FBI could have changed the public view on pot if it had stood up to the President like J. Edgar Hoover would have, thus perhaps kept states including Oregon from voting to legalize marijuana? The FBI should be a force for good in American culture.

    I’ll know you are serious when I read news of Clatsop County Deputy DA Ron Brown being tried in federal court by the FBI. and head Oregon State Bar injustice enabler Sylvia Stevens. I’ll know you are getting real serious when you ask me for my evidence against Clatskanie City Administrator Greg Hinkleman.

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