Resources: Gov. Kitzhaber & First Lady Cylvia Hayes scandal

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by NW Spotlight

Oregon Catalyst coverage of Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber and Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes scandal

Feb 11, 2015KATU: WW’s Nigel Jaquiss – Indications are Kitzhaber will resign

Feb 11, 2015How close is a Kitzhaber resignation? [with updates from Feb 12, 2015]

Feb 10, 2015Legislature should grant AG authority to investigate Kitzhaber-Hayes

Feb 9, 2015A Kitzhaber resignation would make history in Oregon

Feb 7, 2015Latest updates on Kitzhaber-Cylvia Hayes scandal

Feb 5, 2015Gov. Kitzhaber & First Lady Cylvia Hayes’ troubles make national news

Feb 4, 2015Kitzhaber meltdown underway

Feb 3, 2015A glimpse inside the Orwellian world of Cylvia Hayes

Feb 3, 2015Media gallery of Kitzhaber scandal

Jan 31, 2015Ethics concerns should halt Low Carbon Fuel talks

Jan 29, 2015All Kitzhaber’s scandals in a single cartoon

Jan 29, 2015Lars Larson: Cylvia Hayes profiting from ‘low carbon fuel’ pillow talk

Jan 28, 2015Kitzhaber scandal: $118,000 dirty lobby money on ‘Low Carbon Fuel’ scheme

Jan 24, 2015Kitzhaber’s stonewalling consistent with Oregon’s “F” grade  [includes Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes – List of Major Scandals]

Jan 6, 2015Lars Larson: More sleazy Kitzhaber ‘document dumps’ over holidays

Dec 18, 2014Kitzhaber crisis week forecasts ugly 2015

Dec 15, 2014Lars Larson: Kitzhaber hides Cylvia’s misdeeds in Friday ‘document dump’

Oct 24, 2014Richardson asks US Attorney to investigate Hayes and Kitzhaber

Oct 22, 2014The Accomplishments of Gov. John Kitzhaber

Oct 16, 2014Rep. Vicki Berger files ethics complaint about Cylvia Hayes

Oct 10, 2014Cylvia Hayes: troubling and disturbing attitude toward marriage

Oct 9, 2014Oregon Sec of State: It’s OK if Democrats do it

Sep 25, 2014Kitzhaber owes explanation on CRC consultant campaign role

Apr 26, 2012Kitz can’t fix the economy? Don’t worry, be happy!