Rep. Parrish introduces Kitzhaber-Hayes inspired ethics & reform agenda

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Bills also improve transparency, accountability and access in elections, accountability from state government to help prevent future Cover Oregon disasters, make redistricting less partisan, improve timeliness of public records requests and give Legislature ability to compel an investigation of a Governor

Rep. Julie Parrish (R- Tualatin/West Linn)

Salem, OR – Monday, Representative Julie Parrish (R-Tualatin/West Linn) introduced a comprehensive Ethics and Campaign Reform Agenda, which seeks to revise Oregon’s antiquated ethics laws and provide for more accountability from candidates and elected officials.

Rep. Parrish’s reform efforts aim to strengthen campaign finance laws, hold candidates for office accountable for false advertising, clearly define the executive role of the “first spouse,” and provide a mechanism for the Oregon Legislature to compel an investigation of alleged misconduct by the executive branch.

“Oregonians deserve and expect the highest level of transparency and accountability from our public officials,” said Rep. Parrish. “Oregon’s ethics statutes are outdated. These bills will update our laws to reflect the nature of 21st century campaigns and governments. These proposals are not a Republican or Democratic issue; they are about looking forward, not back.”

Among Rep. Parrish’s proposals is HB 2790, which prescribes that testimony given by elected officials or public agencies be given under oath.

“We’ve seen instances over the past several years, most recently with Cover Oregon, where public officials have either misled or given false information to the Legislature. This is a commonsense step toward ensuring the highest level of integrity in the lawmaking process,” said Rep. Parrish.

Rep. Parrish is also seeking to amend Oregon’s redistricting and reapportionment process. House bills 2944 and 2945 would create a neutral process for drawing political boundaries and ensure that Oregonians receive representation that best serves the needs of their districts.

Additionally, Rep. Parrish has drafted legislation that would increase oversight over the executive branch. LC 3969 and LC 3969.1 would allow the Oregon Legislature to direct the Attorney General to open an investigation of possible legal and ethical wrongdoings within the Governor’s Office.

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