SB 324 “Scandal Bill” passes Senate — see who voted

SB 324 “scandal” bill behind Low Carbon Fuel scheme passes senate 17-13
dog-logo-stampBy Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Senate Bill 324 is the “scandal bill” because it is at the center of the Kitzhaber Cylvia Hayes scandal where the Governor’s first lady was paid $118,000 to promote the low carbon fuel program unlawfully as a public employee representative and did not report the income on her taxes.  This is why SB 324 has been fast tracked through the process and rushing through the public hearing process.

Senate Bill 324 vote results.

Yes Votes 17; Alan Bates (D-3), Lee Beyer (D-6), Ginny Burdick (D-18), Peter Courtney (D-11), Michael Dembrow (D-23), Richard Devlin (D-19), Chris Edwards (D-7), Sara Gelser (D-8), Mark Hass (D-14), Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-25), Rod Monroe (D-24), Floyd Prosanski (D-4), Chuck Riley (D-15), Arnie Roblan (D-5), Diane Rosenbaum (D-21), Chip Sheilds (D-22), Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-17).
No Votes, 13–Herman Baertschiger Jr (R-2), Brain Boquist (R-12), Ted Ferrioli (R-30), Fred Girod (R-9), Bill Hansell (R-29), Betsy Johnson (D-16), Tim Knopp (R-27), Jeff Kruse (R-1), Alan Olsen (R-20), Kim Thatcher (R-13), Chuck Thomsen (R-26), Doug Whitsett (R-28), Jackie Winters (R-10)

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