Kitzhaber scandal: $118,000 dirty lobby money on ‘Low Carbon Fuel’ scheme

dog-logo-stamp.serendipityThumbGovernor Kitzhaber scandal: $118,000 dirty lobby money on ‘Low Carbon Fuel Standard’ scheme
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Governor’s environmental adviser was paid $118,000 by a consulting company to push the Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme which is up for a vote in the 2015 Legislature. Governor Kitzhaber’s environmental adviser is not only a government representative, who had fully utilized government resources at her disposal, but Cylvia Hayes is also the Governor’s fiancée. Also, the Willamette Week reports that Cylvia may not have reported the income on her taxes.  This comes weeks after it was revealed that she used state government employees to book her travel schedule for her private businesses and also transport her cats & dogs around the state.   Taxpayers are witnessing their ethics laws compromised and our democracy up for the highest bidder.   The Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme could cost taxpayers 20-cent in hidden gas taxes while Kitzhaber’s fiancee nets $118,000 suspected lobby money. You can read the about Governor Kitzhaber’s-Cylvia Hales Low Carbon Fuel Standard scheme here in the Portland Tribune.

Here is what needs to happen next:

1. There should be an ethics investigation
2. Cylvia Hayes should return the $118,000
3. Kitzhaber should release all relevant documents and not delay as he has done with the previous media requests.
4. Kitzhaber should make public how many other of his advisers have been paid by lobby consulting firms.