Executive Club Speaker: Senator Baertschiger

Sen Herman Baertschiger_thbHear about Oregon’s port crisis (West Coast strike, Hadjin exit) and how it’s becomming our new economic nightmare
Keynote Speaker: State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr.
Oregon Executive Club
Wed. March 4th, 7:00pm
Portland Airport Shilo Inn,
11707 Northeast Airport Way, Portland, OR

Who had their hand in when Hanjin handed in their keys?

By now you’ve probably heard about the longshore workers union (ILWU)
strike along the Pacific Coast.

Ships sitting at sea, waiting to deliver.
Ships at loading docks, waiting to unload and load.

And some of the richest dock workers in the world
screaming about pay and working conditions….

One blogger on DCClothesline.Com says that strike
has put the US within mere days of total financial collapse.
Massive government conspiracy and all that.

Well, here in Portland we get another wrinkle:

All that fussing and feuding wore a bit thin on one customer
— Hanjin —
and they have said goodbye to Portland.

Let’s find out why 78% of the container traffic just left town, from our March speaker: Senator Herman Baertschiger

His dog in this fight is his advocacy for small business and rural communities and economic development.

Ask an economist:

Trade makes both parties richer. Stopping trade hurts both sides.

So, Senator, whodunnit? ILWU?

ICTSI, the private company running the port
under lease to the Port of Portland?

The shipping companies?

Kitzhaber (can we blame something else on him, please?)

I want to know when we’re gonna run out of Chinese food,Japanese cameras, hard drives and Subarus.

I mean, do we need to Fedex eggrolls?

More importantly:
How are Oregon producers of seed, food, timber and finished goods going to ship products to Asia?
South to San Francisco or North to Seattle/Tacoma?

And what’s this massive screw-up of customer service going to cost Oregon, and Oregonians?
Join us Wednesday night. Pound on the tables. Demand answers!