Mayor Daley Thanks Oregonians for Our “Tax Blunder”

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley didn’t wait long to start recruiting Oregon businesses in the wake of Measure 66 and 67 passing on Tuesday.

“I’ve always thought America stands for [rewarding success]. You finish high school. You work hard, go to college and you hope to succeed in life. I never knew it’s a class war””that those who succeed in life are the ones that have to bear all the burden. I never realized that. It will be a whole change in America that those who succeed and work hard [that] we’re gonna tax “˜em more than anyone else.”

Daley said he’s sending economic development people to Oregon right away to start recruiting.

Even before Oregonians signaled that our businesses are fair game, Daley told his own constituents:

“To describe every major CEO in Illinois as fat cats is a mistake. . . . They don’t have to be here. They can go to Wisconsin. They can go Indiana. They can go to India. They can go to China. So if you want to beat up businesses, go beat them up and when they leave, just wave to them, and they’re going to wave back to you.”

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Daley wants to raid Pacific Northwest talent

Steve Buckstein is founder and senior policy analyst at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s free market public policy research center.