Opposing voices on anti-gun bill shut out by Sen. Floyd Prozanski


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Just 19% of Opposing Witnesses Allowed To Testify While 94% of Supporting Witnesses Allowed To Testify

Salem, OR – On Wednesday, April 1, dozens of Oregonians from across the state traveled to the Capitol to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Senate Bill 941, legislation that expands background checks to the private sale of firearms. Of the more than 100 registered witnesses, 94% of those who signed up to speak in favor of the bill were allowed to testify, while only 19% of those who planned to speak in opposition were allowed to voice their concerns.

In total, at least 68 Oregonians who planned to testify against SB 941 were denied the opportunity to do so, including several individuals who traveled more than 100 miles. One such individual, Irene Gilbert, a gun store owner from La Grande, traveled several hundred miles (610 miles roundtrip) before being denied the opportunity to voice her concerns about the legislation.

“I’m very disappointed that the Committee Chairman would limit public discussion on such an important bill,” said Representative Greg Barreto (R-Cove), who serves as Ms. Gilbert’s state representative. “I’m even more upset to learn that one of my constituents, who took a day off from work and traveled more than five hours in order to speak on this issue, was turned away by the committee. Oregonians deserve better from their Legislature.”

“Many rural Oregonians traveled hours to express their concerns about SB 941, and we owe them the chance to engage in the political process and speak directly with their representatives in Salem,” said Senator Bill Hansell (R-Athena). “Their commitment proves this issue is one that deeply affects all Oregonians and they deserve an equal opportunity to be heard.”

Despite overflow rooms filled with Oregonians wishing to testify on SB 941, Senator Prozanski (D-Eugene) chose to hold just one two hour public hearing on the bill, limiting individual testimony to two minutes, and even denying his fellow committee member, Senator Kim Thatcher, the chance to ask questions of witnesses.

Yesterday, House Republican Leader Mike McLane and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli called on legislative leadership to hold fair and thorough discussions of SB 941 by extending the amount of public hearings so that Oregonians wishing to testify could do so. They noted that multiple public hearings for paid sick leave were held, including one in the evening, so that Oregonians on both sides of the issue could attend and voice their concerns.

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  • Dave Lister

    What we need as a big public education project to let everyone in the state know what the D’s are doing in this session. Nothing but an obscene assault on our rights and our pocketbooks. This behavior should knock them out of the majority for the next couple of decades, if we can wake the people up.

  • My2Bits

    I was one of them. I was hoping to ask the committe things like
    -Where is the analysis of the 2000 gun-show private sales to see what the effect on crime was, before we pass on the law to the entire state.

    -Or a simple “where do Oregon criminals actually get their guns” instead of relying on gun-control twitter feed reports.
    -Or pointing out that “Compared to states with background checks for all handgun sales, Oregon has 49% FEWER officers killed in the line of duty with a firearm not their own”
    Well, I think you get my point 😉

  • Jack Lord God

    Likely the most BS issue that can be solved with a simple question

    “Oh my God, you don’t support background checks for gun sales? So anyone should e able to sell their gun to anyone? How could you be for that? Should anyone be allowed to buy a bazooka?”

    “Can you tell me – if a kid shoots up a school anywhere in the world we hear about it. Have you ever heard of anyone being arrested attempting to buy a gun and failing a background check? Can you produce for me the arrest stats for those apprehended trying to buy a gun and failing the check? I don’t think you can, therefore you are not interested in deterring any crime, you simply just want to harass gun owners because really, you are just another bigot”

    And then unfriend them on Facebook.

    • Eric Blair

      “Virginia’s background check system has prevented 54,260 people, including more than 16,000 felons, from buying guns since it began in 1989.

      The total number of transactions denied from 1989 to 2012 also includes drug abusers, the mentally ill and domestic assault offenders, Virginia State Police records show.

      During the same period, state police made 12,956 arrests related to the sale or attempted sale of firearms as a result of denied firearm transactions of all types, conducted between federally licensed firearm dealers and customers at gun stores, gun shows and other retail sales.”


      A simple answer to your simple question.

      While you’re busy unfriending people from Facebook, you might consider spending more time searching Google. Oh, in case you’re curious, just because something isn’t in the news, doesn’t mean it didn’t, or doesn’t, happen.

      • guest

        Eric Blair-Begönne; whiner and loser sitt’n on the left bluft blank of US.

      • Jack Lord God

        Oh wow, embarrassing. Did you even read the article? Ouch, cringe inducing. Anyway, it proves my contention in spades.

        Holy cow, fifty four thousand turn downs over a twenty three year period. Zounds these are some cracker jack laws! Lets have more please!

        Oh, but then wait – thirteen thousand actual arrests. Ouch, me so sad and sorry – people are being falsely identified and having their rates denied at a rate of 75% of the total.

        And there you have it – Point made, point proven – these laws are about harassing people trying to use a constitutional right, not about actually doing anything about crime.

        Sorry sorry Eric Blair – me so weepy for you – me post sad crying frown face emoticon in text format to make you feel better.

        • Eric Blair

          LOL.. wow, you really do just listen to your brain, don’t you?

          First, you asked if your hypothetical strawman could produce arrest arrest statistics for failing a background check. I provided an article that stated arrests. Rather than do the honorable thing and admit that you were wrong, you move the goalposts. How sad for you.

          You are also a little hypocritical, when Operation Fast and Furious put guns in the hands of criminals you went ballistic and joined the whole tin-hat conspiracy theorists. However, you diminish the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them? Wow.. just wow.. I pretty much thought that your whole faux outrage about Fast and Furious was just about scoring political points, and you just proved it. Or, you are totally clueless, you choose.

          Yes, just 54k – and in just one state. So, what number would make you happy Jack?

          Let’s look at your claim that the 75%,those who weren’t arrested, were erroneously denied a chance to buy a firearm? Are you sure about that Jack? Think it is really that simple? How do you know that, did you look up additional information? This is where you should run and hide before you’re proven to be completely devoid of the ability to use basic logic.

          And as for cringe worthy, you should take a look at your final paragraph. Yikes!

        • Eric Blair

          Still weepy Jack? You truly are a coward in addition to being pompous.

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