Lars Larson: Ideas for fixing America’s school problems

I’ve been talking for the last few days about ideas I have for fixing America’s school problems beginning with making sure kids stay in school.

Number one, no driver’s license till your 18 or 19 if you decide to drop out and not get your GED or your high school equivalency.

Number two, if you apply for social service benefits and you haven’t gone back to finish up your high school, then you only get 50% of the normal amount.

Now here’s the third, and probably most controversial idea.

If you drop out of school, if you aren’t currently in school, then any employer anywhere in American should be able to pay you $2 under the current minimum wage. In Oregon the minimum wage is over $8.50/hour.

That would mean if you haven’t finished high school then your employer is allowed to reflect that in your paycheck. He doesn’t have to, but he can pay you $2 under the current minimum. That would mean $6.50 for the drop out. A good reason to stay in school.

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