Charge parents’ insurance for daughters’ abortions without their consent or knowledge?

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Oregon Right to Life

Salem, OR – HB 2758, the final bill of the 2015 legislative session that would expand abortion in Oregon, passed out of the House Health Committee on Monday, April 20. It is up for a vote next week. HB 2758 would permit abortionists to charge parents’ insurance policies for their daughters’ abortions without their consent or knowledge.

Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right to Life’s executive director, said: “It’s not enough for Oregon’s abortion industry that a girl can get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or consent. Now they want her parents to pay for her secret abortion!”

“Not only would this bill further weaken minors from receiving parental guidance in moments of a life-changing decision,” Atteberry continued, “but this bill creates a big opportunity for sex abusers to cover up their crimes. If made law, perpetrators of sexual crimes would have no fear of being reported as they coerce their young victims into accessing an abortion under her parents’ health insurance. They will have free reign to dispose of the ultimate evidence of their sexual crime: an innocent preborn child.”