Contact your Oregon state rep on anti-gun SB 941!


by NW Spotlight

Anti-gun groups are working to get enough votes to pass SB 941 (Oregon “universal” background check bill) through the Oregon House. Senate Bill 941 is the bill that unnecessarily expands background checks to almost all sales and transfers of guns by private individuals. SB 941 passed out of the House Rules committee in a party-line vote (by anti-gun Dems) last Thursday after 7.5 hours of public hearings and now anti-gun supporters are trying to line up enough votes to pass SB 941 in a House floor vote.

SB 941 was already passed by the Oregon Senate.

It’s very important to respectfully keep letting your Oregon state representatives know that you oppose SB 941. It’s against the 2nd Amendment, and it’s bad legislation.

Here are some resources to help you in contacting your Oregon state representative:

Link to enter your address to find out who your state rep (House) is and how to contact them

Great opinion piece by pro-2nd Amendment Sen. Betsy Johnson (D) that exposes the loopholes that SB 941 won’t touch and calls out anti-gun, pro-criminal Sen. Floyd Prozanski (D) for his do-nothing SB 941

Comments by pro-2nd Amendment Sen. Betsy Johnson (D) on her alternatives to the do-nothing SB 941

NRA-ILA call to action on SB 941

Oregon Firearms Federation action center on opposing SB 941

Oregon Firearms Federation 4/27/2015 update on SB 941: We Are Very Close

Oregon Catalyst article from last year: Oregon doesn’t need to expand gun background checks