Lars Larson: Gun running anti-gun CA Democrat state senator


by Lars Larson

If I drank adult beverages all evening I couldn’t make up a story as crazy as the one coming out of California about the gun running anti-gun Democrat state senator.

You really have to consider how hypocritical a person could get when you see the story about a California state senator by the name of Leland Yee. He is a Democrat who has voted over and over and over again to take away the gun rights of people in the State of California. People that he represented in the California Legislature.

And yet now the FBI has arrested him and indicted him, in which Sen. Yee promised an undercover FBI agent that he would obtain up to $2.5 million worth of illegal weapons, missiles and fully automatic weapons.

But the full on hypocrisy of Leland Yee? The Democrats have a lot to explain in this situation.

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