Lars Larson: Legislators hamstring employers

Why shouldn’t your boss check your credit before he hires you?

The Oregon Legislature is considering another way to hamstring employers in this state, another way to make it a less friendly business environment. The idea is to ban employers from checking the credit of prospective employees.

Right now employers do this. Some do it more. Some do it less. But, all of the ones I talked to said it’s something valuable. To be able to check whether someone handles their personal life responsibly is an indication of whether or not they’ll handle the job responsibly. If they don’t, some employers won’t want to hire them.

Now, if this got widespread enough that people with bad credit couldn’t find jobs, I’m sure there are employers out there who would hire them. But, the employers might also find that the bad credit employees don’t make good employees.

I think the employers should still have the information and let the employer and the employee decide whether or not they want to work for each other.

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