Lars Larson on Sen. Smith’s Alternative Immigration Plan

This week the U.S. Senate makes a critical decision on the President’s illegal immigration amnesty plan. But there is an alternative.

The United States Senate is expected to vote this week on illegal alien amnesty. The problem is that the wheels are falling off the president’s plan, even more than it did two weeks ago when it died the last time.

Did you know this plan has had about four hearings since 2001?

Thankfully now there is an alternative. Late last week Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon decided to launch an alternative. The alternative is simply this: Tell employers that if your employers don’t have names that match their social security numbers (and we have a verification system for that), then you cannot deduct their wages as a business expense. It would punish the bad employers, it would punish the illegal aliens, and it would do the right thing for America.

Lets hope he can find a Democrat co-sponsor for the bill.

I’m Lars Larson with the NW Reports commentary.