Lars Larson on Sen. Smith’s Alternative Immigration Plan

This week the U.S. Senate makes a critical decision on the President’s illegal immigration amnesty plan. But there is an alternative.

The United States Senate is expected to vote this week on illegal alien amnesty. The problem is that the wheels are falling off the president’s plan, even more than it did two weeks ago when it died the last time.

Did you know this plan has had about four hearings since 2001?

Thankfully now there is an alternative. Late last week Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon decided to launch an alternative. The alternative is simply this: Tell employers that if your employers don’t have names that match their social security numbers (and we have a verification system for that), then you cannot deduct their wages as a business expense. It would punish the bad employers, it would punish the illegal aliens, and it would do the right thing for America.

Lets hope he can find a Democrat co-sponsor for the bill.

I’m Lars Larson with the NW Reports commentary.


    Sounds good, but since the fines are seldom levied against companies found to employ illegals, what would the guarantee this plan would be implimented and enforced?

    What is his alternate plan for the removal of illegal aliens already here?

    If the SSA can already tell if a companies employees are using stolen or made up #’s, why are there not more arrests and raids? Whose not enforce that law? It’s a federal felony!

    Once again, we need to secure our borders and enforce current immigration laws before we try to beef up a system that doesn’t seem to be working as it is.

    The paper said the other day that a company is supposed to be fined $10,000 for each infraction…………….so they set up sham “employment agencies” to hire the illegals so when caught they can claim it’s not their fault and get out of the fines! It’s a joke, if there is an illegal working at your business , I don’t care who hired them.YOU! should pay the fine!

  • Anonymous

    Having hired an illegal immigrant a few years ago, I can tell you the papers presented to us looked authentic. I even took them to the sherrif’s office to get another opinion. They thought all was ok. At that time, being a smal business, I didn’t know we were able to match names and Social Security numbers. I know most small (small) business are/were not aware of that. I now know and this individual no longer works for us, in fact is back in his/her home country.


      One of the many holes are current rules have in them that need to be fixed is the fact the businesses have no direction given to them on how to verify that a person is here legally and employable.

      As you stated, it can be easily done………….why has the government not dispensed this info. through the small business association and like agencies? Our broken immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed prior to trying to upgrade it.

      As for illegals with great papers, if you made a conscience effort to check them out than you upheld the law. If this person was caught while committing the felony of giving you the false SSN than they should go to prison, then be sent back to their country. I bet it wouldn’t be worth it to them to return knowing jail is looming over their head. Enforcement is not hard once it’s started.

      If you get a flat tire , do you buy a new chrome wheel for it and say it’s fixed or do you get it fixed and then buy the new chrome wheel?

  • Jack

    I agree with “CRAWDUDE” Once again, we need to ” BUILD THE FENCE” and enforce current immigration laws before we try to beef up a system that doesn’t seem to be working as it is. I would add we need to Scrub Illegals off Voter rolls in Oregon and Washington,

  • Richard

    Sounds intriguing. The employer I would have to choose between freedom to trade or servitude to the government for a tax deduction. So I guess what will happen is the employer would forgo the deduction, and pay the worker under the table. Good bless the informal economy.

    • Anonymous

      I think you probably will see that happening, It isn’t always that you can get cheap labor. If I were to do that, they would be paid same as anybody else, maybe better because there wouldn’t be all the extra expense of burdensome taxes. Ha ha, might even save some money. It isn’t as much servitude to the government, but I’m a pretty law abiding person. I think the word is ‘chicken’

  • Jerry

    The Dems will never help with immigration. They want the dependents and they want the vote of the dependents, so the more they can get the better as far as they are concerned. This is very simple to figure out.